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Chimera Screen - Color Correction -
Rating: 5 of 5
Chimera Screen - Color Correction - Converts a 5500° Kelvin light source to a 3200° K source. Touch Fastener this color correction screen to the front of a Chimera, or Photoflex 54 x 72" softbox that has a recessed front. Used to match different lighting sources in use on the same set. Converts a daylight, to a tungsten light source. This is a CTO Full Orange. ...
Chimera BusterBite Corner Tabs
Rating: 3.5 of 5
Chimera BusterBite Corner Tabs This set of Chimera BusterBite Corner Tabs (12 Pack) is an ingenious system for using color gels with your small or extra-small Chimera lightbank. These self-adhesive tabs stick to your gel filters and allow them to be re-used--saving you time and money. Attach gels to lightbank Table of Contents ...
Chimera BusterBite Aluminum Frame
Rating: 5 of 5
Chimera BusterBite Aluminum Frame The Chimera BusterBite Aluminum Frame (Small) is an ingenious system for using color gels with your Chimera small lightbank--a lightweight collapsible frame and 4 double hook bungee cords that hold a gel and mount to the lightbank. Attach color gels to lightbanks Table of Contents ...
Chimera Screen - Color Correction -
Rating: 4.0 of 5
Chimera Screen - Color Correction - Boosts a 3200° light source to 5500° Kelvin. Touch Fastener this color correction screen to the front of a Chimera or Photoflex 12 x 16" softbox that has a recessed front. Used to match different lighting sources in use on the same set. Converts a tungsten-halogen, to a daylight source. This is a CTB Full Blue. UPC: 845077048...
Chimera 6x6' Butterfly Fabric - White
Rating: 3.5 of 5
Chimera 6x6 This 6x6' Chimera White/Black Butterfly Fabric is used for reflected fill light on the white side and light absorption on the black side. The fabric has grommets along its edges for use with frames such as those made by Matthews and Avenger. Butterflies & Overheads are large fabric scrims, diffusers, reflectors or opaque fabric panels used for dim...
Chimera Lantern Softbox with Skirt -
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Chimera Lantern Softbox with Skirt - Lantern Softboxes are used by still photographers, filmmakers and videographers, for illuminating entire rooms with soft, even light. Choose a Chimera Lantern Softbox according to the size of the room, and your working light fixture.This lantern softbox comes with a black skirt, which acts as a gobo, and provides more directional control of the li...
Chimera 1629 POP Bank for 2x1
Rating: 3.5 of 5
Chimera 1629 POP Bank for 2x1 The Chimera 1629 POP Bank for 2x1 Fixtures is specifically made to slip over the Litepanels Gemini LED bank to soften and broaden the beam of light. No speed ring or mounting frame is required, but the bank can also slip over barndoors. The POP bank has interchangeable front screens which consist of a half and full screen. An optional small ezPOP ...
Chimera Lightbank for Barger Lite LED
Rating: 2.5 of 5
Chimera Lightbank for Barger Lite LED The 36 x 48" Lightbank for Barger Lite LED 3x4' from Chimera was expressly created for this LED fixture. It offers a diffused quality of light with the option of customization with the body of "Medium" Chimera accessories. The lightbank has a silver interior for high output and comes with a removable Full Front Diffusion screen and a 1/2 Grid Diff...
Chimera Silver Gold Zebra Soft White
Rating: 4 of 5
Chimera Silver Gold Zebra Soft White Designed for use with a 6 x 6' panel frame, this Silver Gold Zebra/Soft White Butterfly Fabric is a dual-sided reflective fabric light modifier. The front side has a silver/gold zebra pattern, which slightly warms the quality of light while retaining some specular quality, and the reverse side is a neutral white fabric to maintain clean, neutral c...
Chimera Video Pro Plus 1 Triolet
Rating: 4.7 of 5
Chimera Video Pro Plus 1 Triolet The Chimera Video Pro Plus 1 Triolet Kit is a combination of several products for much less than if you bought everything a la carte. A small Video Pro Plus 1 softbox (with speed ring) and the Triolet continuous light fixture (with a 1000W bulb) form the core of this kit. The softbox is designed for use with a hot light but can be used with flash ...
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Showing: 1-10 productsTotal: 1038 products

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