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Elinchrom Rotagrid for Rotalux
Rating: 5.0 of 5
Elinchrom Rotagrid for Rotalux The Elinchrom Rotagrid for Rotalux (24x31.5") is an "eggcrate" grid that attaches to the front of the Rotalux 24 x 31.5" (60 x 80 cm) softbox. The Rotagrid is a combination external diffuser and grid that reduces the spread of the light beam and gives you sharper shadows. For Rotalux 24 x 31.5" softbox Combination externa...
Elinchrom Front Diffuser for the 28
Rating: 5.0 of 5
Elinchrom Front Diffuser for the 28 This is a spare or replacement Elinchrom Front Diffuser for the 28 x 69" (72 x 175 cm) EL Recta Softbox. UPC: 719821290544 In the Box Elinchrom Front Diffuser for the 28 x 69" (72 x 175 cm) EL Recta Softbox 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty Table of Contents ...
Elinchrom FRC Receiver
Rating: 3.5 of 5
Elinchrom FRC Receiver The Elinchrom FRC Receiver 16 channel receiver that operates as part of the FRC1 set which includes a transmitter and receiver, to trigger an Elinchrom flash, wirelessly at distances up to 49'. The receiver plugs directly into the flash or power pack. In the Box Elinchrom FRC Receiver (110V) Limited 1-Year Warranty Table of Contents ...
Elinchrom Flash Tube for Digital RE
Rating: 2.5 of 5
Elinchrom Flash Tube for Digital RE Similar to a broad light which is a staple on film sets, Elinchrom's Digital RE Flash Head is a light with a plethora of uses. This Elinchrom Flash Tube for the Digital RE Lamp Head is a 3,000W/s replacement or spare tube for the head. Table of Contents ...
Elinchrom Reflective Cloth for 27.5" Rotalux
Rating: 3 of 5
Elinchrom Reflective Cloth for 27.5" Rotalux This Elinchrom Reflective Cloth is a spare or replacement part for the cloth that originally came with the 27.5" Rotalux Deep Octa. It is the main reflective area of the softbox. UPC: 719821351573 Table of Contents ...
Elinchrom Flashtube - 2400W S -
Rating: 4.5 of 5
Elinchrom Flashtube - 2400W S - Replacement of flashtubes for Elinchrom flash head models earlier than Style S involves loosening several screws on the flash head casing, and two screws at the flashtube socket base. Newer models have "plug and play" flashtubes that are easier to replace. With proper handling, these flashtubes may last for tens of thousands of flashes under norma...
Elinchrom Diffuser for Quadra Softbox
Rating: 2.5 of 5
Elinchrom Diffuser for Quadra Softbox This is a replacement or auxiliary Diffuser for the Elinchrom Quadra square softbox. UPC: 719821166887 In the Box Elinchrom Diffuser for Quadra Softbox One Year Manufacturer's Warranty Table of Contents ...
Elinchrom Replacement Rubber Feet for LP-800X
Rating: 3.5 of 5
Elinchrom Replacement Rubber Feet for LP-800X The Elinchrom Replacement Rubber Feet for LP-800X Power Inverter provide cushioning for the Godox Inverter to avoid impact damage. Table of Contents ...
Elinchrom Light Captor - Infrared Receiver
Rating: 2.5 of 5
Elinchrom Light Captor - Infrared Receiver An infrared receiver for use with the Elinchrom infrared transmitter. UPC: 719821146599 Table of Contents ...
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Showing: 1-10 productsTotal: 327 products

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