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Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio -

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User Manual for Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software

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Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software Contents of the user manual for the Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio -
  • Product category: Music Production Software Acoustica
  • Brand: Acoustica
  • Description and content of package
  • Technical information and basic settings
  • Frequently asked questions – FAQ
  • Troubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what do I do if...)
  • Authorized service for Acoustica Music Production Software

Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software Acoustica Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio - Music Production Software
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Product description

Which DAW is Right for You? Read More Aimed at advanced home and professional project studios, Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio from Acoustica is a Windows-based music production workstation designed for recording audio, programming loops, remixing tracks, composing with MIDI and virtual instruments, scoring/editing video, and mixing/mastering your songs. It provides unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, and ships with 7500 music loops, 56 effects, and 22 virtual instruments. Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio utilizes a fast and improved sound engine which offers advanced audio and MIDI routing, native sidechaining, and Audio Control, a feature which allows for easy control of effect and instrument parameters via audio from other tracks within a project. The software also includes integrated Melodyne Essentials pitch-correction technology by Celemony, and supports VST3 plug-ins and MP4 video formats. The flexible Performance Panel lets you jam along with audio or virtual instruments, while automatically synced to the groove. Record loops directly to the panel's grid locations for instant creation of layered live loop performances, or produce mixes and mashups with audio warping and song slicing. Virtual instruments and effects featured in this version include the Kastelheimer Veldberg XD virtual synth, the 8-output version of the Omni Sampler, the EU ProMixEQ-10A Equalizer, the DTC-1 Compressor, the VTD-42 Psychedelic Delay, and the ORB7000 Octave Reverb. In addition, the software provides a wide array of mixing and mastering tools such as iZotope Mastering Essentials, a multiband compressor, several tube-modeled EQs and dynamic processors, and more. Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio lets you load and edit video files with ease. You can create crossfades, transitions, add titles, and score your clips. The Publishing function enables fast rendering and uploading of your music and video projects to social media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or SoundCloud.
    What's New in Version 8
    • New sound engine offers increased flexibility for effect inserts and send tracks, as well as extensive delay compensation for sample-accurate timing of internal audio paths
    • New Audio Control feature elevates sidechaining concept to a new level, allowing audio signals to control dozens of instrument and effect parameters
    • Supports VST3 instrument and effects plug-ins, for comprehensive compatibility
    • Import and export MP4 video files for easy editing of videos directly from your camera or smartphone
    • Performance Panel now supports recording loops directly to grid locations, for fast and fun creation of layered live loop performances, without stopping the music
    • Extensive user interface improvements with beautiful and modern visual design including dark and light visual themes
    • Improved sound browsing for rapidly auditioning and adding sounds to projects – search and access over 325,000 sounds with built-in browsing and import functions
    • Effortlessly automate dozens of parameters with new global automation recording feature – use any MIDI hardware controller to automate and record dozens of mixer, virtual instrument, and effect parameters
    • 28 additional effects including EU PromixEQ-10A mastering EQ, super-transparent G-Sonique DTC-1, and sonically adventurous Epralux ORB7000 Octave Reverb
    • Six new virtual instruments including bold and brash Kastelheimer Veldberg XD virtual synth, flexible new 8-Out version of Omni Sampler pad-based sample instrument
    • Celemony Melodyne Essentials pitch correction and editing software integrated directly into Mixcraft sound edit tab
    • Unlimited tracks
    • Over 7500 loops, sound effects, and samples
    • Performance panel – create mixes and mashups with audio warping and song slicing
    • Create and edit performances with powerful piano roll editor
    • Use notation editor to write, view, publish, and print music scores
    • Load and edit video files and still images with ease, crossfade video clips, create transitions, add video effects
    • Publishing function enables rendering, uploading, and distribution of music and video projects directly to social media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud, and more
    • Mix Down to Stems, with flexible rendering options
    • Includes iZotope Mastering Essentials to add sheen to your tracks
    • Route MIDI from one track to another
    • MIDI auto-quantize feature
    • Transmit MIDI clock
    • Unlimited nested submixes
    • Configurable mixer
    • Select and group multiple tracks
    • Audio metering on all effect and instrument dialogs
    • Marker List for quick editing and navigation
    • Edit and view effects list directly on tracks and mixer
    • Dry, wet, and post-fader sends
    Virtual Instruments
    • Kastelheimer Veldberg XD
    • Omni Sampler 8 Out
    • ME80 Vintage Analog Synthesizer
    • ME80 Version 2
    • Memorymoon Vintage Analog Synthesizer
    • Acoustica Pianissimo Virtual Grand Piano
    • Glass Viper
    • Impulse
    • Messiah
    • Minimogue VA
    • VB3 Organ
    • Acoustica Instruments
    • Acoustica Expanded Instruments
    • Acoustica Studio Drums
    • Alien 303 Bass Synthesizer
    • Lounge Lizard Electric Piano
    • Combo Organ Model F
    • Combo Organ Model V
    • Journeys
    • Renegade
    • Alpha Sampler
    • Omni Sampler
    • VTD-42 Psychedelic Delay
    • Acoustica 31 Band EQ
    • Acoustica Pro Studio Reverb
    • Dubmaster Liquid Delay
    • FAT+
    • Ferox Tape Emulator
    • FSQ1964 Transient Vitaliser
    • GSXL4070 Vintage Parametric EQ
    • iZotope Mastering Essentials
    • Mid-Side Envelope Follower+
    • Mid-Side Harmonic Vitaliser+
    • Mid-Side Stereophase Filter+
    • TB Gate
    • TB Parametric Equalizer
    • TimeMachine Bit Crusher
    • Twisthead VS-206 Preamp
    • XBass 4000L Bass Enhancer
    • Fusion Field Convolution Reverb
    • SideKick6 Sidechaining Compressor
    • Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp
    • Dubshox Multiband Distortion
    • Treblecream
    • TRW-1 Vacuum Tube Triode Warmer
    • VTC-1 Vacuum Tube Compressor
    • POD4500 Particle Delay
    • PSEQ-1 Vacuum Tube Passive EQ
    • VBE-1 Vacuum Tube Bass Enhancer
    • Zener Limiter LM-2Z
    • EU ProMixEQ-10A
    • DTC-1 Compressor
    • ORB7000 Octave Reverb
    • Acoustica Chorus
    • Acoustica Compressor
    • Acoustica Delay
    • Acoustica Distortion
    • Acoustica EQ
    • Acoustica Flanger
    • Acoustica Reverb
    • Classic Auto-Filter
    • Classic Chorus
    • Classic Compressor
    • Classic Delay
    • Classic EQ
    • Classic Flanger
    • Classic Master Limiter
    • Classic Phaser
    • Classic Reverb
    • Voxengo Amp Simulator
    • Voxengo Spectrum Analyzer
    • EZQ Equalizer
    • GTune Guitar Tuner
    • VocalZap
    • Pultronic Tube EQ
    • Shred Amp Simulator
    • Broadcast Multiband Compressor
    • GSnap Pitch Correction
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Technical parameters

Acoustica EDUACTA-881DL Specs

Delivery Method Download
Version Educational
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Memory Requirement 2 GB
CPU Requirement 1.8 GHz Dual-Core and Faster
Supported Languages Danish
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese


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