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User manual
Intel Xeon E3-1280 v2 3.6 GHz

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User Manual for Intel Xeon E3-1280 v2 3.6 GHz Processor

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Intel Xeon E3-1280 v2 3.6 GHz Processor Contents of the user manual for the Intel Xeon E3-1280 v2 3.6 GHz
  • Product category: CPU Processors Intel
  • Brand: Intel
  • Description and content of package
  • Technical information and basic settings
  • Frequently asked questions – FAQ
  • Troubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what do I do if...)
  • Authorized service for Intel CPU Processors

User manual for the Intel Xeon E3-1280 v2 3.6 GHz contain basic instructions that need to be followed during installation and operation. Before starting your appliance, the user manual should be read through carefully. Follow all the safety instructions and warnings, and be guided by the given recommendations. User manual is an integral part of any Intel product, and if it is sold or transferred, they should be handed over jointly with the product. Following the instructions for use is an essential prerequisite for protecting health and property during use, as well as recognition of liability on the part of the manufacturer for possible defects should you make a warranty claim. Download an official Intel user manual in which you will find instructions on how to install, use, maintain and service your product.

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Product description

The Xeon E3-1280 v2 3.6 GHz Processor from Intel is based on 22 nm Intel Microarchitecture and can help you improve responsiveness and expand capabilities. The Xeon E3 processor is designed with innovative features that adapt the server's performance to your business needs, so you enjoy faster application response times with reduced energy consumption. The processor server also protects your valuable data against loss or corruption. It is ideal for your business, whether you are stepping up to your first server, refreshing an existing server or deploying a dedicated server for a workgroup or remote office. Intel Xeon processor-based servers can be used for secure data storage, file sharing, print and web services and collaborative applications. With all these capabilities, it can make your business more efficient and responsive. The server also protects your business-critical information and operations and enables you to operate more effectively with existing resources. By providing faster access to information and improving workflows throughout your business, an Intel Xeon processor E3 server can help you increase sales and improve margins. Entry-level server platforms featuring the Intel Xeon processor are ideal for companies looking for their first server or a replacement for an older server. Built with advanced security features, these platforms are designed to deliver 24/7 dependability and improved business productivity with industry-leading performance. They are easy to set up and manage, and have features that provide trouble-free operation to help ensure that your operational needs are met at every stage of your business growth.
    Effective Management of Business Data
  • Compared to a desktop computer, the Intel Xeon processor E3 is engineered and validated to run 24/7. It allows you to protect, manage, process and distribute your business data more effectively and reliably. With the performance and capacity of an Intel Xeon processor-based server, you can:
    • Establish a centralized database for your customer, product and financial information. You'll be able to manage vital data more efficiently and effectively to ensure it is accurate, up-to-date, protected and accessible to all authorized users anytime, anywhere.
    • Create an in-house network for e-mails, shared calendars, conferencing and online document sharing to improve communication and collaboration among your employees.
    • Host a corporate website or improve performance and uptime for your existing website, so you can connect more effectively with your customers and extend your business reach.
    • Take advantage of cloud services to extend your IT capabilities, while keeping sensitive data and applications on-premise, where you have the necessary control to ensure performance, reliability, security and compliance.
    Business Protection
  • Advanced reliability and security features help to keep your data and business safe.
    • 24/7 Dependability. Intel Xeon processor E3 v2 server is designed for continuous operation to keep your business up and running at all times. Business-class features like redundant power supplies and quiet chassis options increase system reliability.
    • Advanced Data Protection. ECC memory automatically detects and corrects up to 99.988 percent of memory errors for improved data integrity and system uptime. This technology is standard in all Intel Xeon processor-based servers.
    • Redundant Hard Drives. Intel Rapid Storage technology* 11.x (Intel RST) protects your valuable business data by seamlessly storing copies on one or more additional hard drives, thus preventing data loss or system downtime in the event of a hard drive failure.
    • Advanced Data and System Security. Intel OS Guard, Intel Secure Key and Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions** (Intel AES-NI) work together to protect your server, applications and data from today's increasingly sophisticated attacks. You can implement pervasive encryption and other strong security protections throughout your business, while providing easy access for authorized users and maintaining rapid application response times. 1
    Please Note:
    *Intel Rapid Storage technology requires the computer to have an Intel RST-enabled Intel chipset, RAID controller in the BIOS enabled and the Intel RST software driver installed.
    **Intel AES-NI requires a computer system with an AES-NI-enabled processor as well as non-Intel software to execute the instructions in the correct sequence. AES-NI is available on Intel Xeon processors.
    Business Responsiveness
  • Enjoy faster and more reliable access to information and collaborative tools.
    • High Performance for Business-Critical Applications. Supports more employees and delivers faster response times with up to 2.7x more performance than a three-year-old desktop system.*
    • Peak Performance When You Need It Most. Supports Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0** that delivers more responsive performance even at peak processor loads and reduces power consumption for lighter loads.
    • Better Support for Business Growth. Maintain performance levels as you continue to add new users and applications with dramatic improvements in memory, I/O and storage throughput, compared to previous generation servers. 2
    Please Note:
    *Averaged normalized performance of 3 small and medium-sized business workloads (e-mail, database and web) on an Intel Xeon processor is 172% faster than on an Intel Core 2 processor.
    **Intel Turbo Boost technology 2.0 requires a system with Intel Turbo Boost technology capability.
    A Smart Investment
  • Get the performance, capacity and reliability your business needs, at prices you can afford.
    • Simple and Affordable Implementation. Advanced server features deliver high value with easy deployment and costs that are comparable to high-end desktop systems.
    • Low Operating Costs. Energy-efficient 22nm Intel Microarchitecture includes an array of enhancements that improve performance while reducing power consumption. The Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v2 delivers up to 32 percent more energy-efficient performance than the previous generation and low-power server options can provide even greater energy savings.
    • Simple, Cost-effective Growth. Expandable storage options make it easy to support increasing storage requirements as your business grows and technologies evolve. You can also use RAID (redundant array of independent disks) technology to increase storage performance, protect your valuable data and perform cost-effective data backups.
    • Flexible and Reliable Computing. Intel Xeon processor-based servers are engineered and validated to operate with server operating systems. This helps to improve reliability and interoperability with business-critical applications, so you can add and upgrade applications with greater confidence.
    • Flexible, Efficient, Low-Cost Management. Reduce the cost and complexity of managing your server with Intel Active Management technology 8.0.5 Powerful remote monitoring, software updating, diagnostics and repair capabilities make it easy to keep your server running at peak efficiency from a centralized location-whether you rely on an in-house staff or a managed service provider.
    Intel Xeon Processor
  • • Server class performance, reliability and security at entry-level price points
    • Up to 32% performance-per-watt improvement over previous generation Intel Xeon processor-based servers
    Intel Microarchitecture
  • • Enhanced performance and energy efficiency
    • Industry-leading Intel silicon technology (22nm Hi-k process technology)
    • Intel Smart Cache technology with up to 8 MB last level cache
    Reliability and Support for Business
  • • Supports EC Memory
    • Better data integrity and system reliability through automatic data correction
    • Detects and corrects up to 99.98% of all memory errors
    Intel Rapid Storage Technology1 11.x (Intel RST) with E-mail Alerting
  • • Uninterrupted operation and quick data recovery in the event of a hard drive failure
    • Accelerates system performance by striping data across multiple hard drives
    Intel OS Guard
  • • Improves security by strengthening malware protection
    • Provides hardware-based protection for server operating systems
    Intel Secure Key
  • • Enhances security and performance for a wide range of security applications
    • Enables faster and higher quality cryptographic keys and certificates
    Intel Advanced Encryption Standards New Instructions (Intel AES-NI)
  • • Improves security by encrypting data without slowing response times
    • Enables pervasive use of encryption to protect sensitive data more effectively 3
    Please Note:
    Intel Advanced Encryption Standards New Instructions requires activation and a system with a corporate network connection, an Intel AMT-enabled chipset, network hardware and software. Results depend upon hardware setup and configuration. close
    Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT)
  • • Protects your business by increasing security against many digital threats
    • Helps ensure the system launches into a "known good state" 4
    Please Note:
    No computer system can provide absolute security under all conditions. Intel Trusted Execution technology requires a system with Intel Virtualization technology, an Intel TXT-enabled processor, chipset, BIOS, Authenticated Code Modules and an Intel TXT-compatible measured launched environment (MLE). It also requires a system to contain a TPM v1.s close
    Server OS Validation
  • • Enhanced compatibility and reliability with leading business applications
    • Tested and validated on server operating systems
    Responsive Performance to Grow Business
  • • Supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
    • Accelerates processor and graphics performance for peak loads
    Intel Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel HT)
  • • Enables faster performance for many demanding business applications
    • Thread-level parallelism benefits multi-threaded and concurrently running applications 5
    Please Note:
    Intel Hyper-Threading Technology requires an Intel HT technology-enabled system. Performance will vary depending on the specific hardware and software used. close
    PCI Express 3.0 Ports
  • • Provides extra capacity and flexibility for storage and networking connections
    • Up to double the I/O bandwidth of previous-generation PCIe 2.0*
    • Configurable as 1x16 or 2x8 6
    Please Note:
    *8 GT/s and 128b/130b encoding in PCIe 3.0 specification enables double the interconnect bandwidth over the PCIe 2.0 specification close
    SATA 3.0
  • • Enables faster data access, system startups and applications load times
    • Doubles data throughput compared to previous generation for faster hard drive performance
    Intel Virtualization Technology for IA-32 and Intel 64 (Intel VT-x)
  • • Built-in hardware support for I/O virtualization
    • Improves I/O performance, increases system reliability and provides enhanced data protection 7
    Please Note:
    Intel Virtualization technology requires a computer system with an enabled Intel processor, BIOS and virtual machine monitor (VMM). Functionality, performance or other benefits will vary depending on hardware and software configurations. Software applications may not be compatible with all operating systems. close
    Better Value at Lower Cost
  • • Provides low-Power CPU Options
    • Matches performance with energy efficiency to maximize total value
    Intel Node Manager
  • • Hosts heavier loads per server while guarding against server overheating
    • Allows you to dynamically monitor and limit server power consumption
    Intel Active Management Technology 8.0 (Intel AMT)
  • • Provides flexible local time and remote management for troubleshooting, repair and maintenance to increase reliability and uptime
    • Secure, out-of-band access even for failed power states or a crashed OS
Table of Contents

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Technical parameters

Intel E3-1280 v2 Specs

CPU Socket LGA 1155
Manufacturing Process 22 nm
Maximum CPU Configuration 1S
Number of Cores 4
Number of Threads 8
Base Clock Speed 3.6 GHz
Maximum Boost Speed 4.0 GHz
L3 Cache 8 MB
Maximum Capacity 32 GB
Memory Support DDR3 1333, 1600 MHz
ECC Memory No
Channel Architecture Dual Channel
Maximum Memory Bandwidth 25.6 GB/s
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 69 W
Thermal Monitoring Technologies Yes
AES Support Yes
Extension AVX, SSE 4.1/4.2
Instruction Set 64-Bit
Virtualization Yes: Intel VT-d, Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables (EPT)
Graphics Chipset None
DMI DMI (5 GT/s)
vPro Support Yes
Performance Technologies Hyper-Threading, SpeedStep, Turbo Boost 2.0
Security Technologies Execute Disable Bit, Trusted Execution Technology


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