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Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910

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User Manual for Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle

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Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Contents of the user manual for the Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910
  • Product category: Camcorders Panasonic
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Description and content of package
  • Technical information and basic settings
  • Frequently asked questions – FAQ
  • Troubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what do I do if...)
  • Authorized service for Panasonic Camcorders

Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Bundle
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Product description

The Panasonic Complete AJ-PX380 Camcorder Studio 910 Package is a robust bundle providing almost all the camera components you require to start shooting, except for a tripod. The AJ-PX380 is a 1/3" ENG-style HD video camera featuring advanced wireless and network functions, and the versatility of an interchangeable lens system. This Panasonic kit includes the AJ-PX380 camcorder with a color viewfinder, 17x Fujinon zoom lens, a rear lens control, tripod plate, the AK-HRP200GJ remote panel, a 9" on-board monitor, cables, and power supply. The included AG-BS300PJ Digital Base Station provides compatibility with Panasonic's P2Studio and 300Studio camcorder systems.The shoulder mount AJ-PX380 camcorder captures Full HD at rates up to 59.94p, recording to optional microP2 cards, and supporting a P2 card slot. With the included AG-BS300PJ studio base station, HD and return images, tally, mic, and genlock signals can be transmitted up to 328' using optional cables. A 9' Studio 300 cable is included.
  • AJ-PX380 P2 HD AVC-Ultra Camcorder with AG-CVF15 Color Viewfinder and 17x Fujinon Zoom Lens With advanced wireless and network functionality, the Panasonic AJ-PX380 P2 HD AVC-Ultra Camcorder with AG-CVF15 Color Viewfinder and 17x Fujinon Zoom Lens is a full-featured 1/3" ENG-style video camera with an interchangeable lens system. Please note that this item only includes the camera body and does not include the lens or viewfinder. Suitable for newsgathering, the camera captures Full HD at up to 59.94p, recording to optional micro P2 cards and supporting a P2 card slot. Using codecs in the AVC-Ultra family allows you a choice of compression and data rate to suit your needs, and you can record proxy files on optional SD cards using the built-in SD media card slot.

    It features a 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and an HDMI output as well as a monitor output switchable between SD/HD and Composite. With both Genlock In and Timecode In/Out, the camera is suitable for multi-camera and single-camera news coverage. The camera comes ready to interface with your network via the built-in Ethernet connector. You can attach an optional USB dongle to the camera for wireless connectivity using Wi-Fi, 4G, or LTE. The camera features a variety of in camera image settings, including Flash Band compensation, which minimizes the effects of still photo camera flashes captured on video. The built-in Uni Slot accepts optional wireless audio recording.
      1/3" Type Interchangeable Lenses
    • Compatible with 1/3"-type mount interchangeable lenses allows you to choose from a variety of 1/3"-type zoom lenses for broadcasting and other professional uses from third-party manufacturers.
      Included Zoom Lens and Color EVF
    • This version of the camera includes a Fujinon 17x zoom lens, and the Panasonic AG-CVF15G HD Color Viewfinder, which features a 3.45" LCD display with an eyepiece. The eyepiece can be flipped up and out of the way, allowing the LCD be viewed as a direct monitor. The display can also rotate on two axis, allowing users to reposition the monitor for optimal viewing angles. The hub features a series of control knobs for adjusting peaking, chroma, contrast, and brightness. There are also selector switches for backlight brightness, zebra, and tally.
    • Featuring a 2.2-megapixel 1/3-type 3MOS image sensor, this advanced camera recorder achieves high F11 (59.94 Hz)/F12 (50 Hz) sensitivity and excellent picture quality.
      NTSC & PAL Support
    • The camera is switchable between NTSC and PAL compatible recording.
      HD/SD Multi Format/Multi Codec
    • The camera supports 59.94 Hz/50 Hz switching for convenient use in productions headed for global use, and records 1080/60i,* 50i, 24p,* 25p, 30p* and 720p HD/SD multiple format. DVCPRO HD/DVCPRO50/DVCPRO/DV recording is also supported.

      Note: 60i, 60p, 24p, and 30p are actually 59.94i, 59.94p, 23.98p, and 29.97p

    AVC-Ultra Codec Family

    • AVC-Intra: An intra-frame compression method that is highly suited to image production, AVC-Intra100/50.
    • AVC-LongG: An intra-frame compression method that is ideal for providing on-air content direct from the shooting location and for workflows that use content transferred over the internet. Three bit rates are available: AVC-LongG50/25/12 Mbps. AVC-LongG25 provide 10 bit/4:2:2 quality at a bit rate of approximately 25 Mbps
    • AVC-Proxy: Low-bit-rate, high-resolution, high-sound quality proxy video (Quick Time/H.264) includes metadata for efficient offline editing that can later be used to conform that original master files.

    Dual MicroP2 Card Slots

    • Simul Rec: Records simultaneously onto two microP2 cards.
    • Dual-codec recording: Records a low-rate AVC-Proxy file while recording main data in AVC-Intra/AVC-LongG.
    • Hot-Swap Rec: You can hot-swap microP2 cards for continuous non-stop rec, replacing one card as it fills up.
      P2 Card Slot
    • A single P2 card slot allows you to use P2 card, however, the P2 slot does not support using a P2 to microP2 card adapter.
      24-Bit Four Channel Audio Recording
    • AVC-Intra and AVC-LongG modes support 24bit/48 kHz/4CH digital audio recording. Audio source for each channel can be selected for each channel, choosing from mic-in, line-in and wireless receiver.

      Note: AVC-LongG12 mode does not support 24 bit digital audio recording. Audio can be played back by using 24-bit digital audio equipment.
      Wired/Wireless LAN Network Functions
      • Wired LAN, wireless LAN, and 4G/LTE connectivity. FTP server uploading and Streaming are supported.
      • Rec during Uploading, automatically uploads recorded clips to an FTP server or cloud server. Uploading is done in the background, and recording/playback continues during the transfer.
      • On-Air Streaming can also be conducted while recording. In addition to selecting from 800 kbps to 6 Mbps (Full-HD), a QoS (Quality of Service) mode is available for streaming. It automatically controls the bit rate and frame rate to match the network conditions, for stable streaming performance.
      • When connected by wireless LAN, recorded clips can be previewed and metadata can be checked and edited with a PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet device.
      • Downlable P2ROP App for iPad, enables an advanced wireless camera remote function.
      USB Dongle Slot
    • Accepts optional 4G/LTE/Wi-Fi dongles providing wireless connectivity including file transfer and proxy streaming.
    UPC: 885170251885
  • MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit The Fujinon MS-01 is a semi-servo kit consisting of the SRD-92B zoom servo demand, CFH-3 focus handle/grip, CFC-12-990 flexible cable, and FMM-6B manual focus module. The kit provides precision control for ENG/EFP lenses over a variety of applications.
  • SHAN-TM700 Quick Release Tripod Adapter The Panasonic SHAN-TM700 is a quick release camera mounting plate for The AJ-D700 camcorder. This plate allows the camcorder to release from the support and be used handheld in a very easy and fast fashion. It is reattached to the tripod just as fast and easy.
  • AG-BS300PJ Digital Base Station The AG-BS300PJ Digital Base Station is the nucleus of Panasonic's P2Studio and 300Studio camcorder systems. The base station connects to the system's AG-CA300G camera adapter via 2 BNC cables and bundled power cable to allow transmission of HD digital images, return images, tally signals, mic signals and genlock signals over distances of up to 100 meters (328 feet), depending on choice of cable length. Optional Studio300 cables are available in 25, 50, and 100 meters.
    • Digital signal transmission ensures high-quality, degradation-free images.
    • Up to 70 watts of power can be supplied to the camcorder,* and a compact monitor and servo zoom can also be driven. 1
      Please Note:
      *Power can be supplied only when the AG-BS300 Base Station is driven by an AC power source. A separate power cord is also required between the AG-BS300 Base Station and the AG-CA300G Camera Adaptor. Other manufacture's power cords which Panasonic verified are recommended to use. close
    • Supports both AC (100 to 240 V) and DC (12V) power supplies. Includes two SDI (HD/SD) outputs and a composite video output.
    UPC: 791871305003
  • AK-HRP200 Remote Operation Panel for Panasonic Cameras The Panasonic AK-HRP200 Remote Operation Panel is used for controlling a compatible studio handy camera and a camera controller unit like the AK-HCU200. This compact, lightweight, joystick-type ROP provides precise, rapid, and comprehensive control of the compatible cameras’ powerful capabilities. It can be used to control up to 19 cameras via an IP or serial connection.The ROP can also be used to set up and control Panasonic PTZ cameras such as the AW-HE120 via IP. Scene files, user files, and lens files can be stored on and retrieved from SD memory cards (not included) at both the controller unit and ROP.The ROP can be connected to the camera control unit via an ROP serial cable (e.g., ROP-50M, sold separately) up to a distance 164’ (50m). Connection between the camera and a CCU is established via a dedicated optical fiber cable (sold separately). Note: Memory cards used with the unit should conform to SD or SDHC standards. 8MB to 2GB SD memory cards and 4 to 32GB SDHC memory cards can be used. SDXC memory cards are not supported. Avoid use in areas with high temperature and humidity, water droplets, and static electricity.

    Control of up to 19 Cameras with IP Connection

    • The AK-HRP200 Remote Operation Panel supports both serial (1:1) and IP connection. IP connection enables up to 19 cameras to be controlled by a single remote operation panel. 1
      Please Note:
      External power supply (12VDC) required when LAN cable is used for IP connection. Power is supplied by the camera control unit in serial connection. close

    Supports a Variety of Cameras

    • Four connection modes-CCU Serial, CCU IP, Remote Camera Serial, and Remote Camera IP-enable single or combined remote control of studio handy cameras, multi-purpose cameras, HD convertible cameras, and HD integrated cameras.

    ROP Menu Setting

    • The menu can be displayed on a monitor connected to the camera control unit, so detailed camera settings can be made by operating the remote operation panel.

    Joystick Control Lever

    • A simple button layout and an iris control lever ensure intuitive and stable operation. The joystick control lever enables fine manual iris / pedestal operation.

    SD Memory Card Slot

    • Scene files and user files can be saved with the SD/SDHC memory card slot. SD memory cards (not included) can also be used for firmware upgrades. 2
      Please Note:
      Memory cards used with the unit should conform to SD or SDHC standards. 8MB to 2GB SD memory cards and 4 to 32GB SDHC memory cards can be used. SDXC memory cards are not supported. close

    Compact 6U Size

    • The unit is compact, with a width of 3.6" (92mm) and a 6U height for easy rack mounting. It is shipped with the rack mount brackets pre-installed.
    UPC: 885170098466
  • BT-LH910GJ 9" LCD HDMI / SDI Field Monitor (Gold Mount) The Panasonic BT-LH910GJ 9" LCD HDMI / SDI Field Monitor (Gold Mount) features a native resolution of 1280 x 768 and supports video signals up to 1920 x 1080p. The monitor is suitable for use as an on-camera monitor as well as a production monitor when using the included tilt stand. Incorporating a variety of useful features including a waveform monitor and vectorscope for exposure assist, peaking is supported for focus confirmation. 1:1 movable pixel-to-pixel mode allows you to view your video image in sections without scaling artifacts.

    More than just a simple on-camera monitor, the BT-LH910GJ supports both closed captioning and timecode. It supports a variety of aspect ratios including 16:9, 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, CNSCO2.39, CNSCO2.35, 2:1, or Vista. The Cine-gamma conpensation mod allows you to use the monitor for Varicam footage, and the built-in black mode makes dark images easier to see. You can display audio embedded in both the SDI and HDMI stream, and a built-in headphone jack allows you to hear your audio.
    • Features IPS LCD panel and 16.7 million colors
    • Displays video signals on its 1200 x 768 screen and supports other resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 by scaling.
    • Aspect ratio display of 16:9 supports 4:3, 13:9, 14:9, CNSCO2.39, CNSCO2.35, 2:1, or VISTA, with background brightness control of Black (0%), Half (50%), or Normal (100%).
    • Cross Hatch Overlay: Displays grids with 40 or 80 pixel intervals. This is useful for horizontal/vertical adjustment.
    • HV Delay Display: Displays the video blanking period.
    • Mono Mode: Displays images in black-and-white.
    • Split Screens: A frame of video can easily be frozen and displayed as a still image on the left side of the screen. This function can be used to match a live camera with a frame of video shot at an earlier time or with a different camera.
    • Uses 3-dimensional LUT (Look Up Table) that provides a normalized image.
    • 10-bit image processing provides accurate color reproduction from low to high brightness levels for each RGB color levels
    • Diagonal line compensation circuit reduces uneven noise on diagonal lines
    • Built-in I/P conversion circuit offers minimal delay of one field between input and panel display to provide excellent motion response
    • RGB bias and gain function allows for fine tuning of color balance levels and facilitates color matching with other types of monitors.
    • Allows color compensation in 256 discrete RGB steps to conducted for the each monitor to reproduce rated gamma properties (g = 2.2)
    • Pre-installed software enables calibration without using a PC by connecting compatible color analyzer and measurement probe to the monitor.
    • Equipped with cine-gamma (F-REC) compensation function.
    • Featured black mode displays dark images clearly in scenes with low-gradation and assists in producing movies, film-like HD programs, and commercial movies.
    • Featured audio level meter displays the embedded audio level for inputs such as 3G-SDI (serial digital interface), SDI, and HDMI.
    • Audio level features reference point setting, peak hold, and over-range display functions. HDMI embedded audio is limited to two channels.
    • Using Y, R,G and B, the input signal for the waveform display can be selected
    • focus peaking highlights sharply focused area of the image by displaying it in red color for easy viewing, and focus confirmation.
    • Pixel-to-pixel mode displays images in their native resolution by avoiding the monitor's internal scaling function.
    • Supports EIA-708, EIA608 closed captioning standards
    • Can display up to 8 windows at the same time
    • Supports LTC (linear time code), VITC (vertical interval time code), and UB (user bit) types of time codes
    • Can control all on-screen markers; applicable for center markers, safe area markers, and 16:9 markers using marker settings.
    • Incorporates Cross Hatch Overlay function that displays 40 or 80 pixel intervals grids, which is useful for horizontal/vertical adjustment.
    • H/V Delay displays video blanking period that is time difference between the last line of one video frame and start of the first line of the next video frame
    • Can overlay the left/right eye signals from a 3D camera to the 2 SDI input terminals
    • Supports functions such as mirror, shift, comparison, convergence, color, zoom focus, vertical, and overlay
    • Incorporates 3 function keys to assign various functions such as HV Delay, Blue Only, Gamma Select, SD Aspect, Scan, Sub Window, WFM, Vector, Marker, White Balance, Pixel-To-Pixel, Pixel Position, Focus-In-Red, Zebra, Rear Tally, Level Meter, Cross Hatch, Mono, Black Mode, Time Code, Closed Caption, and Undef
    • Features input terminals for signals such as 3G-SDI, SDI (HD and SD), HDMI, composite (Video), and component (YPBPR).
    • An optional viewfinder cable allows you to connect the monitor to compatible Panasonic cameras and use it as a viewfinder.
    • Can be used as a viewfinder for compatible Panasonic camera recorders (requires optional cable)
    • Features split screen and supports color temperature functions
    UPC: 885170033573
  • BT-MOUNT Monitor Mount for Cameras The BT-Mount from Panasonic is perfect for mounting monitors to the following Panasonic HD cameras:AJ-HDC27H
    AG-HPX500. This mount utilizes 3/8" mounting on the monitor to 1/4" 20 on camera handle. The BT-Mount is light, strong and flexible
  • BTCS910 Viewfinder Cable The Panasonic BTCS910 Viewfinder Cable allows you to use the BTLH910 9" (23cm) LCD Production Monitor with Panasonic’s shoulder-mount cameras. It allows local display of the images being captured on the camera via the monitor.
    • For BTLH910 9" (23cm) LCD Production Monitor
    • Allows you to use the BTLH910 with Panasonic's full range of HD shoulder-mount cameras
    UPC: 885170050266
In the Box Bundle Items AJ-PX380 P2 HD AVC-Ultra Camcorder with AG-CVF15 Color Viewfinder and 17x Fujinon Zoom Lens xyxqwfbbefwvcfbbrxrf
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Lens Port Cap
  • 17x Zoom Lens
  • AG-CVF15G HD Color Viewfinder
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty
MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit
  • SRD-92B Zoom Servo Demand
  • CFH-3 Focus Handle/Grip
  • CFC-12-990 Flexible Cable
  • FMM-6B Manual Focus Module
  • 90-Day Warranty
SHAN-TM700 Quick Release Tripod Adapter
  • 1 Year Warranty
AG-BS300PJ Digital Base Station xyxqwfbbefwvcfbbrxrf
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
AK-HRP200 Remote Operation Panel for Panasonic Cameras
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
BT-LH910GJ 9" LCD HDMI / SDI Field Monitor (Gold Mount)
  • Tilt Stand (Built-In)
  • Tilt Stand Mounting Screws (Built-In)
  • CD-ROM
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
BT-MOUNT Monitor Mount for Cameras
  • 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
BTCS910 Viewfinder Cable
  • 1-year Warranty

Also Includes

  • Remote Operation Panel Cable
  • Monitor Hood
  • PowerTap 28 Monitor Cable
  • Titan-70 Power Supply
Table of Contents

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Technical parameters

  • AJ-PX380 P2 HD AVC-Ultra Camcorder with AG-CVF15 Color Viewfinder and 17x Fujinon Zoom Lens
    Image Sensor 3-Chip 1/3" MOS Sensor
    Sensor Resolution 2.2 MP
    Horizontal Resolution (TV Lines) 1000 TV Lines or More
    Lens Mount B4 Mount
    Built-In ND Filter None
    Recording Media 2 x microP2 Card Slots
    1 x P2 Card Slot
    Broadcast System Compatibility NTSC, PAL
    Video Connectors 1 x BNC (3G-SDI) Output
    1 x BNC (SD-SDI) Input/Output
    1 x HDMI Output
    Other I/O 1 x BNC Genlock Input
    1 x BNC Timecode Input/Output
    Weight 6.2 lb / 2.8 kg
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 23.4 x 19.2 x 15.4"
  • MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 12.835 x 9.685 x 5.354"
  • SHAN-TM700 Quick Release Tripod Adapter
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 11.4 x 3.95 x 1.8"
  • AG-BS300PJ Digital Base Station
    Input Connectors Incom/Tally: 9-pin Dsub
    CA: BNCx1, from AG-CA300G
    Return Video: BNCx1
    Genlock: BNCx1
    DC 12V: XLRx1, 4-pin
    Remote: 10-pin
    Output Connectors SDI: BNCx2
    Video: BNCx1
    CA: BNCx1
    Genlock Loop: BNCx1
    DC 24V: 5-pin
    Incom: XLRx1, 5-pin female
    Power Supply Input:
    100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.6A - 0.6A
    12VDC, 1.1A
    13VDC, 5A
    13VDC, 0.3A (Remote Power)
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.06 x 1.75 x 14.19" (43.2 x 4.4 x 36 cm)
    Weight 11 lbs (5kg)
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 21.5 x 21.5 x 6.1"
  • AK-HRP200 Remote Operation Panel for Panasonic Cameras
    Compatible Cameras Via Serial Control Only: AK-HC3500 Professional Studio Camera; AK-HC1800G/HC1500G & AW-HE870N/E Multi-Purpose HD Box Cameras
    Via Serial and IP Control: AK-HC3800 Professional Studio Camera and AW-HE120WP/WE/KP/KE & AW-HE60SN/SE/HN/HE Integrated Pan-Tilt Cameras AK-HC3800 and AK-HC3500 can be controlled via a camera control unit (CCU). Some functions of AK-HC3500 are not supported.
    Power Supply 12 VDC Power supply can be provided from a CCU or AC adapter.
    Power Consumption 4.2 W
    CCU Control: Control signals (camera, CCU control)
    Power supply (12 VDC)
    Tally control signal
    Compatible Memory Cards SD Memory Cards: 8 MB to 2 GB
    SDHC Memory Cards: 4 to 32 GB SDXC memory cards are not supported.
    File Type Scene, reference, user, factory, lens, ROP configuration
    Preview Control: Contact output
    Maximum Cable Length 164' (50 m)
    Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
    Storage Temperature -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
    Operating Humidity 90% or less
    Dimensions (W x H x D) Approximately 3.6 x 12.1 x 2.1" (9.2 x 30.8 x 5.5 mm) excluding protrusions
    Weight Approximately 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 15.0 x 9.0 x 5.4"
  • BT-LH910GJ 9" LCD HDMI / SDI Field Monitor (Gold Mount)
    Screen Size 9" (23cm) of effective display area
    Aspect Ratio 15:9
    Resolution 1280 x 768 (WXGA)
    Display Colors Approx. 16,770,000 colors
    Viewing Angle 176° both of horizontal and vertical
    Video Input Video: BNC x 1
    Y/PB/PR: BNC x 3 (Y shares with Video)
    HDMI: HDMI (type A) x 1 (HDCP supported, embedded audio supported, VIERA Link not supported)
    SDI: BNC x 2 (active through connector x 2), SMPTE274M/296M/259M-C/ITU-R BT.656-4 compliant Embedded Audio
    HD-SDI: SMPTE299M compliant
    SD-SDI: SMPTE272M compliant
    VF: D-SUB, 15 pins x 1
    Headphone Output M3 stereo mini jack x 1
    Remote GPI: D-SUB, 9 pin
    SERIAL: D-SUB, 9 pin
    Power Input XLR, 4 pin
    Operating Temperature 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
    Power Requirements 12 VDC (11.0 V - 17.0 V), 1.9 A
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 9.06 x 7.20 x 3.06" (230 x 183 x 78 mm) - without stand
    Weight 3.7lb (1.7kg)
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 14.1 x 13.7 x 11.5"
  • BT-MOUNT Monitor Mount for Cameras
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.9 x 3.4 x 3.4"
  • BTCS910 Viewfinder Cable
    Compatible With Shoulder-mount Panasonic cameras
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 5.0 x 4.5 x 2.5"


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