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User Manual for Facebook Portal

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Facebook Portal Contents of the user manual for the Facebook Portal
  • Product category: Virtual Assistant Speakers & Displays Facebook
  • Brand: Facebook
  • Description and content of package
  • Technical information and basic settings
  • Frequently asked questions – FAQ
  • Troubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what do I do if...)
  • Authorized service for Facebook Virtual Assistant Speakers & Displays

Facebook Portal Facebook Portal Facebook Portal Facebook Portal
User manual for the Facebook Portal contain basic instructions that need to be followed during installation and operation. Before starting your appliance, the user manual should be read through carefully. Follow all the safety instructions and warnings, and be guided by the given recommendations. User manual is an integral part of any Facebook product, and if it is sold or transferred, they should be handed over jointly with the product. Following the instructions for use is an essential prerequisite for protecting health and property during use, as well as recognition of liability on the part of the manufacturer for possible defects should you make a warranty claim. Download an official Facebook user manual in which you will find instructions on how to install, use, maintain and service your product.

And do not forget – unsuitable use of a Facebook product will considerably shorten its lifespan!

Product description

Video chat with friends and loved ones with the black Facebook Portal. It features a 10.1" 1280 x 800 touchscreen with a four-microphone array, plus a 720p camera with 8x zoom. The camera can follow you around the room and zoom in or out to keep those in the room in the frame. The four-microphone array allows the Portal to pick up your voice from nearly anywhere in the room, and with Amazon Alexa built-in, you can ask the Portal questions, set timers, add items to your shopping list, control your compatible smart home devices, and more. A camera/mic off switch disables their functionality, and a physical lens cover is also included to further alleviate your privacy concerns. Note: Content acquired via certain apps may require subscription to a service. Not all services are available in all areas. Wi-Fi connectivity and a Facebook account are required for initial setup. US English is the only supported language at this time. Certain Alexa- and location-based features will have limited functionality outside the US. Please see the manufacturer's website for more information.
    Follows the Action
  • Whether you're moving around the kitchen or chasing the kids through the living room, the Portal's Smart Camera adjusts to follow the action.
    Keeps Everyone in Frame
  • As more people enter the room, the Smart Camera is engineered to automatically widen to keep everyone in view.
    Voice-Enhancing Microphones
  • The Portal is designed to enhance the voice of whoever is talking, wherever they move in the room, and minimize unwanted background noise.
    Camera and Microphone Off
  • You can completely disable the camera and microphone with a single tap. This mode physically disconnects the camera and microphone, and they can't be turned back on without pressing the button again.
    Included Camera Cover
  • In addition to the camera/microphone off button, you can block the camera lens with the included camera cover.
    Screen Lock
  • To limit Portal access within your home, you can set a 4- to 12-digit passcode to keep the screen locked. Changing the passcode requires your Facebook password.
    Home and Away Mode
  • When you turn on Home and Away Mode, the Portal will use your mobile phone and Portal's location to know when you're home and available to call; you'll still get calls on Messenger when you're away.
    No Eavesdropping
  • Facebook doesn't listen to, view, or keep the contents of your Portal video calls, so your Portal conversations stay between you and the people you're calling.
    Local AI Technology
  • For added security, the Smart Camera uses AI technology that runs locally on the Portal, not on Facebook servers. The Portal's camera does not use facial recognition and does not identify who you are.
    Only Responds to "Hey Portal"
  • Like other voice-enabled devices, the Portal only sends voice commands to Facebook servers after you say, "Hey Portal." You can delete the Portal's voice history in your Facebook Activity Log.
    Connect with Friends, Even if They Don't Have a Portal
  • Use your voice to easily call friends and family on Messenger – calls can be made to and from smartphones and tablets, and you can bring up to six other people into a group call.
    Experience More Together
  • With Story Time on the Portal, you can seemingly become some of your children's favorite characters as you read along to their stories with music, animation, and augmented reality effects. Also, if friends or family also have a Portal, you can listen to your favorite songs, albums, or playlists together as if you were in the same room, without delays or feedback.
    A Variety of Content
  • Enjoy music, videos, news and more from a growing list of partners.
    Amazon Alexa Built-In
  • The Portal has Amazon Alexa built-in, so you can ask a question, set a timer, add items to your shopping list, control your compatible smart home devices, and more with just your voice.
    Stay Close with Superframe
  • When you're not on a call, the Portal can display your Facebook photos and videos. You can also see when your closest contacts are available to connect and get birthday reminders.
    Music Playback
  • Play your favorite music through the two 5-Watt full-range drivers of the Portal.
    Additional Features
    • 4-microphone array (two front, two rear)
    • Ambient light sensor
    • MIMO connectivity
    UPC: 810387030046 In the Box Facebook Portal (Black)
  • Camera Cover
  • Power Cord
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
Table of Contents

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Technical parameters

Facebook Portal Specs

Virtual Assistant Support Amazon Alexa
Display Size 10.1" / 25.7 cm
Screen Resolution 1280 x 800
Touchscreen Yes
Image Resolution 12 MP
Angle of View Diagonal: 140


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Post new comment to Facebook Portal

Subject: Delete info entered
Date: 13.05.2024 20:34:25Name: Vickie & Robert Louthen
I have never used my Facebook Portal. My husband entered some items, how can I delete the info so I can sale the item. It was given to me as a gift. Thank You
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Subject: Alexa no longer responds
Date: 06.04.2024 10:23:20Name: Joan strutz
Pictures still show but Alexa says sorry something went wrong
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Subject: Facebook Portal Plus Smart Video Calling 15.6
Date: 18.02.2024 11:40:57Name: Kevin Podger
I haven't used my portal in awhile. It keeps asking me to reconnect Facebook. Once I hit Connect Facebook, it says No network connection. Then I try reset to factory settings and it takes me right back to the screen tag hat asks me to reconnect Facebook and I can not find help anywhere
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Subject: New Contacts
Date: 06.02.2024 03:00:55Name: Max
How do I add new contacts to portal
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Subject: Adding new stories
Date: 06.02.2024 02:56:44Name: Max
Can I add new stories on portal to read to young children?
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Subject: Downloading contacts to portal
Date: 06.02.2024 02:54:43Name: Max
When I go to download Facebook contacts to portal, it only shows six contacts, and it will not allow me to load any more. Could it be that I have two Facebook accounts? And how can I fix that?
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Subject: Cannot sign into ore reset my 3 portals
Date: 18.01.2024 20:05:47Name: Nicolas Olivier
Suddenly my 3 portals stopped working. A message instructs me to re-enter the Facebook Password. Previously it would give an alpha numeric code for a device reset. Now it just demands a password or a reset. The reset does nothing.
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Subject: I can't log in to my portal anymore.
Date: 26.12.2023 19:20:04Name: Benita Starkley
I haven't used my portal in awhile. It keeps asking me to reconnect Facebook. Once I hit Connect Facebook, it says No network connection. Then I try reset to factory settings and it takes me right back to the screen tag hat asks me to reconnect Facebook.
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Subject: Portal doesn't rotate through all pictures in album
Date: 27.01.2023 00:38:10Name: Kerri Lynn Acheson
How do I get all of the pictures to show up? It only shows the recent ones I put in the album and occasional others. I would like it to rotate it through all of the pictures. I don't mind seeing the most recent ones more often.
Post reply

Subject: FB Portal will not turn on
Date: 18.12.2022 01:38:01Name: Pat Rinehart
Haven’t used the Portal in a few months, and now I can’t get it going. I can’t get a green light. If I turn it off by pressing the button on the right side, then turn on, I get the messages that mic/ camera are off. How do I get it back on? It worked the last time I used it, and nothing’s changed.
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Subject: Portal Facebook
Date: 02.12.2022 15:04:04Name: Esperanza
La pantalla está negra, no le entra energía
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Subject: portal account name
Date: 29.11.2022 03:29:48Name: Glorya Mejdrich
my son gave me his portal. how can I change the account name from him to me
as it is now anyone calling me on the portal has to ask for him in order to get me.
Post reply

Subject: facebook portal manual
Date: 21.11.2022 16:38:16Name: Patricia Champagne
Can you send me a instruction manual for Facebook portal. Can't find mine. It is about 2 years old
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Subject: Microphone is turned off, can’t turn it on
Date: 07.11.2022 22:13:24Name: Sherry Fogal
I cannot turn the microphone on. Alexa wont respond
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Subject: Story time
Date: 25.10.2022 04:20:27Name: Alisa Carpenter
When will there be new stories added or is there a way to get them ourselves?
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Subject: scrolling
Date: 15.10.2022 22:09:02Name: Kathy
my portal go will not scroll at all....don't know how to fix this
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Subject: question
Date: 09.09.2022 00:06:13Name: Peggy L Norman
Can I download Peacock on my Meta Portal Go to watch shows?
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Subject: Loading "Contacts" data to a Portal Unit
Date: 26.08.2022 11:29:17Name: Mike Townley
How do I load my "contacts" into my Portal.
I had to alter my email account and all previously held data has gone.
Thanks Mike
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Subject: Turn off weather effects while on portal call
Date: 31.07.2022 19:08:35Name: Sandy Smith
When we are on a portal call and ask for weather it adds effects such as hats, rain, glasses while we talk. They are funny but would like to shut them off after some time. Any idea how to do that?
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Subject: Facebook portal
Date: 28.07.2022 13:30:04Name: William Leatherbarrow
Excellent bit of kit, surprisingly GOOD
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Subject: Facebook Portal Smart 10.1"
Date: 27.05.2022 20:52:48Name: Marko
After 30 days use screen gone black nothing I can do, how to make to work?

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Subject: MY PORTAL
Date: 20.05.2022 20:20:37Name: MARILYN GRAY
when i got my portal it worked fine. now after a few months, i cannot get into my portal to do anything. i need HELP
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Subject: portal remote
Date: 17.05.2022 17:17:04Name: Stacey Edling
I have replaced batteries and still get no response from the remote
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Subject: Facebook Portal User Manual
Date: 28.03.2022 01:31:13Name: Sylvia Johnson
How can I get a Facebook Portal User Manual?
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Subject: Remote controll
Date: 19.02.2022 11:55:26Name: Lynda Gregory
Remote won't connect and have replaced with new batteries
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Subject: User manual.
Date: 08.02.2022 05:37:26Name: Barbara Roberts
I to have hunted on google also for a user luck ones that are sold only have basics.
I'm 80 .if anyone knows how to get a complete user guide please let me know
Post reply

Subject: User manual.
Date: 08.02.2022 05:37:25Name: Barbara Roberts
I to have hunted on google also for a user luck ones that are sold only have basics.
I'm 80 .if anyone knows how to get a complete user guide please let me know
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Subject: Portal name
Date: 31.01.2022 03:25:38Name: R Cardenas
I can't get past giving my portal a name. The screen says something went wrong and the portal name is not saved. The name has 10 letters and 1number.HELP
Post reply

Subject: Query
Date: 14.01.2022 18:10:19Name: David Langley
Ny Portal is set up correctly and when trying to connect with a family members portal rungs their mobile instead of getting on the TV screen.
If they connect with me the picture on my screen is condensed into a narrow frame instead of the whole screen. I was terminated by Portal Facebook help.
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Subject: Microphone
Date: 05.01.2022 19:38:35Name: Denise Rucker
I can't turn off talk back mode everything I do it is said out loud everything to when I type a letter or if I go back it reads it a loud so please tell me how to enable this
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Subject: Camera and microphone
Date: 04.01.2022 16:30:26Name: Judy Loya
I used the Portal Go for about a week without a problem. Now it says the microphone and camera are not one. How do I turn them on?
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Subject: password
Date: 17.12.2021 13:24:25Name: Valerie Robson
How to reset password
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Subject: how to remove a defect on camera lens OR replace lens?
Date: 03.12.2021 17:10:49Name: Alan Winner
I have tried cleaning smudge on center of lens. Nothing works. Can this be serviced and/or replaced?
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Subject: Where is my settings menu!
Date: 21.10.2021 21:56:03Name: Jean Moore-Vollmer
I need to connect to a different wi-fi connection and can’t access my settings menu. HELP!
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Subject: face book portal user manual
Date: 22.07.2021 02:36:43Name: ronald mcclure
i need to download a user manual for the facebook portal system. please advise....mac
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Subject: Im an activity director and i use the facebook portal in the residents rooms.
Date: 28.06.2021 15:47:51Name: Virginia k Borgstedt
I've had a resident pass away and the portal is in her email and I can not get into it. Could you help? This is a community portal used for all residents but Im not able to use it because she set it up with her facebook and i have no idea her log in info.
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Subject: Portal
Date: 26.06.2021 01:12:37Name: Judy Miller
All contact photos and picture when videoing are in negative effect. How can this be corrected?
Post reply

Subject: International Keyboard Issue
Date: 12.06.2021 09:10:50Name: Peter Neuman
My portal tv is displaying an international keyboard. I selected English USA/Canada but the keyboard is all screwy. The "o" shows 8 to choose from, all with accents and I can't choose a regular "o" so I can't enter my Wi-Fi password. I even tried a factory reset.I even tried English UK, too no avail. The number 4 is also a mathematical tiny 4, like I'm writing an equation to the power of 4. What the heck?
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Subject: Facebook smart portal devices
Date: 02.05.2021 22:17:40Name: Laure Blanchard
Green light is on but the people I call cannot see me on my portal, I can see them?
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Subject: HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 28.04.2021 21:27:08Name: sharon shuler
Hi April 5th I requested a user manual for facebook portal WD50JM806-00285-02 10" portals alexa built in, i purchased 2 of these and one with the larger diplay. I need a copy in my hand to guide me or this money spent for these 3 items are wasted. emails i received do not help. what can you do for me to make this happen? Not everyone is computer savy. Thank you
Sharon Shuler
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Subject: Portal and Starlink
Date: 10.04.2021 16:30:17Name: Maureen Simon
We just installed starlink ... now our portal connection is unreliable. Picture and video go in and out. VERY annoying. Cannot seem to do 4-way chatting.
Post reply

Subject: Calling portal to portal
Date: 23.03.2021 19:57:28Name: Pam
Cannot seem to video or receive videos to or from my portal even though I do have my WhatsApp open and wifi strength strong person on other portal also has WhatsApp open and strong wifi signal
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Subject: portal
Date: 16.03.2021 15:49:12Name: Catherine Kuzma
How do I add a new contact to my Facebook portal?
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Subject: How do I set up Portal for a zoom meeting
Date: 25.02.2021 19:42:58Name: Mary Anne Jackson
Zoom web page not helpful
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Subject: incomming calls
Date: 20.02.2021 06:21:22Name: Isabel
I can call people on my portal but I can't receive calls I can't find out why? can someone help?
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Subject: contact
Date: 16.02.2021 02:49:11Name: janice ivany
how do i add a new contact to my facebook portal?

thank you
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Subject: Wifi not secure?
Date: 14.02.2021 04:13:50Name: Jeanni
I purchased a portal for my sister she lives in an area that has shared wifi how can she connect it says her wifi is not secure? Please help so I can see her face :)
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Subject: Photos on portal plus
Date: 04.02.2021 21:03:00Name: Pam
When portal is asleep, I have it displaying photos from my photos on my Apple 7plus but, it keeps displaying the same round of about 10 photos. How can I set it to shuffle out of all the photos?
Post reply

Subject: Turn on mic and video
Date: 03.02.2021 14:43:50Name: debi Tuttle
I can't get my portal to respond. I do not have the mute icon showing. How can I get a portal manual? Thank you,
Post reply

Subject: Portal Connection
Date: 01.02.2021 20:44:12Name: David
Hi, portal rings at my end when I'm calling somebody but they do not get any notification that I'm calling them.
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Subject: Operating manual
Date: 30.01.2021 16:47:22Name: Chris Badgio
How can I obtain a user manual for Portal model number B81AA1WUS I went to guide and cannot find how do get the guide to download
Post reply

Subject: Camera and microphone
Date: 28.01.2021 16:07:30Name: Linda Adams
Mine is 1st. The red button won’t turn off so the camera & Mic will not unmute. This model has only and on-off button and volume buttons.
I unplugged and replugged the device. How do I get the camera & mic back on?
Post reply

Subject: Confirm login to send
Date: 25.01.2021 17:44:46Name: Simon


Post reply

Subject: Face doesn't fully open when talking to someone.
Date: 18.01.2021 05:02:00Name: Sally A. Griffin
The face of the portalmini doesn't fully open when talking to someone.It does open when old pictures come up or when idle. Very frustating! Can you help? I don't have a manual. I am connected to facebook.
Post reply

Subject: portal manual
Date: 08.01.2021 01:14:09Name: Connie J. Hime
Says it was uploaded, but I don't know where it is at, I am having trouble trying to video chat with friends on FB, keeps says I need to turn on microphone and camera, the portal camera is on as well as microphone, but not on FB, where is the darn thing so I can turn it on. Thanks so much. CH
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