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User manual

User manual
Ikegami ICD-525KIT-OD High-Resolution Wide Dynamic Range

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User Manual for Ikegami ICD-525KIT-OD High-Resolution Wide Dynamic Range Camera and Varifocal Lens Kit with Camera Mount and Power Supply

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Ikegami ICD-525KIT-OD High-Resolution Wide Dynamic Range Camera and Varifocal Lens Kit with Camera Mount and Power Supply Contents of the user manual for the Ikegami ICD-525KIT-OD High-Resolution Wide Dynamic Range
  • Product category: Wired Analog & HD Cameras Ikegami
  • Brand: Ikegami
  • Description and content of package
  • Technical information and basic settings
  • Frequently asked questions – FAQ
  • Troubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what do I do if...)
  • Authorized service for Ikegami Wired Analog & HD Cameras

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Product description

The Ikegami ICD-525KIT-OD High-Resolution Wide Dynamic Range Camera Kit consists of the ICD-252 high-resolution wide dynamic range camera, IK-YV10X5HR4A-SA2L 5.5-50mm day & night HD varifocal lens, and PS-2420 plug-in transformer from Ikegami and the MG Electronics CMB-1W universal camera bracket. The ICD‐525 high-resolution wide dynamic range camera (NTSC) features a 1/3" CCD sensor and offers a horizontal resolution of 700 TVL. The camera can capture clear images at illumination levels as low as 0.007 lux (monochrome mode), and its improved DSP circuit permits a 52 dB signal-to-noise ratio and low smear (-105 dB), so clear images can be captured even under strong light. The digital WDR function provides clear and high quality pictures in high contrast environments by adjusting the luminance, resulting in a corrected image with clear detail. The IK-YV10X5HR4A-SA2L 5.5-50mm varifocal lens is designed using special optic glass, which makes it suitable day/night surveillance. The focal length range of 5-50mm supports various applications, and a wide aperture of f/1.6 ensures optimized performance in low-light conditions. The CAMH-500K outdoor camera housing features an integrated heater and blower system which effectively shields the camera from adverse weather and temperature conditions. The kit also includes UL and CUL recognized PS-2420 class II plug-in transformer that supplies 24 VAC input to the camera.
  • ICD525 High Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Wide Dynamic Range Camera (NTSC) The ICD‐525 High Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Wide Dynamic Range Camera (NTSC) from Ikegami features a 1/3”, 480,000 pixel CCD sensor and is equipped with color/B&W picture output switching. This camera captures high-quality color images in day light and monochrome images in low light conditions.This CCTV camera features wide dynamic range, high sensitivity, and resolution, and is equipped with auto iris control function. The ICD-525 Camera is suitable for use in general surveillance applications.
      High Quality & Resolution Pictures
    • The camera captures clear and detailed images at illumination levels as low as 0.007 lux in monochrome mode. It achieves a horizontal resolution of 700TVL with 480,000 pixels and is designed for smear-free imaging and low noise. The DSP circuit in this camera permits 52dB Signal‐to‐Noise ratio and Low Smear (‐105dB) for capturing clear images even in strong light. The DWDR function provides clear and high-quality pictures in high contrast environments by adjusting luminance, which results in corrected images with clear details results. The digital wide dynamic range is 5 level selectable.
      Day/Night Change-Over Function
    • Depending on the surrounding brightness, the system automatically switches over images from high-quality color images in daytime to noise-reduced B&W images in low-light conditions, providing clear images around the clock.
      Wide Light Dynamic Range (WDR)
    • The WDR function provides for very effective compensation of high light and dark areas. Even in large light fluctuations, bright-and-dark subjects can be captured and viewed clearly with a natural appearance.
      Automatic White Balance (ATW: Automatic Tracking White Balance Control)
    • The ICD‐525 Camera features Automatic Tracking White Balance Control (ATW) and Automatic White Balance Control (AWC) that adjusts the balance as per the subject's color temperature fluctuations. The result is better color tracking in difficult lighting conditions (such as sodium light).
      AES (Automatic Electronic Shutter)
    • The AES function with sensitivity ratio of 1:1600 is incorporated for smooth sensitivity control by variable step control, allowing the stable video output equivalent to F1.5 to F50 Auto Iris.
      Automatic Iris Control
    • Almost all types of DC control auto iris CCTV lenses can be used (lenses sold separately).
      Lens Flange Back Focus Adjustment
    • An easy adjustment can be made by a rotating lens mount mechanism; this adjustment may be useful to fix/use auto iris zoom lenses. A button located at the back of the camera sets the auto‐iris lens aperture open even in broad daylight. This allows the installer to set an accurate focus with the best depth of field. The EZ focus button displays an adjustment bar that makes it easy to achieve accurate focus.
      FOCUS EZ Function
    • The level indicator is displayed to allow immediate judgment of focal point. In addition, the focus of the auto-iris lens is released to allow easy focusing without worrying about the depth of field even in a bright environment during the day.
      Optimum Monitor Output Select Function
    • The optimum picture quality can be obtained with this function for CRT or LCD monitors. A monitor with digital process function shows different display reproduction characteristics and you may choose this output selection to have the best pictures on the monitor screen.
  • IK-YV10X5HR4A-SA2L Day & Night HD Varifocal Lens (5.5 to 50mm) The Ikegami IK-YV10X5HR4A-SA2L Day & Night Aspheric Varifocal Lens (5.5 to 50mm) from Fujifilm is a high image quality monitoring lens with optical performance supporting 1.3 MP resolution. With a special optic glass, it is best suited for color, black and white and day and night cameras. Broad range of the wide angle f5 to the telephoto 50mm range supports various applications. The wide aperture of F1.6 optimizes its performance at low lighting intensity.
    This lens is designed with high-accuracy aspheric lens, low-dispersion glass, and high refractive-index glass to maximize optical performance. It has a built-in ND filter of T360 to allow support for high sensitivity cameras.
  • PS-2420 Plug-in Transformer The Ikegami PS-2420 Plug-in Transformer is a UL and CUL recognized transformer that features a 2- screw terminal output. It provides Class II power supply.
In the Box Bundle Items ICD525 High Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Wide Dynamic Range Camera (NTSC) xfbfvrqayyacbtfues
  • Power Input Connector
  • Hex Wrench for Adjusting Flange Back
IK-YV10X5HR4A-SA2L Day & Night HD Varifocal Lens (5.5 to 50mm)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
CAMH-500K 9" Outdoor camera Housing (24VAC) PS-2420 Plug-in Transformer
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty on Parts & Labor
Table of Contents

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Technical parameters

  • ICD525 High Resolution Indoor/Outdoor Wide Dynamic Range Camera (NTSC)
    Image Sensor 1/3" CCD
    Effective Pixels Approximately 480,000 pixels
    Effective (H x V): 976 x 494
    Scaning System 525 TVL at 59.94 Hz, 2:1 interlace
    Synchronization System Internal crystal lock / line lock
    Video Output VBS 1.0 Vpp / 75 Ω
    Horizontal Resolution 700 TVL or better (High resolution mode, by rated illumination)
    S/N Ratio 52 dB or better (peak-to-peak/rms)
    Minimum Illumination Electronic Sensitivity Up OFF, VBS Output 50 IRE: 0.22 lux/F1.2
    Electronic Sensitivity up 32 times, VBS Output 50 IRE: 0.007 lux/F1.2
    Day & Night Built-in, Auto/Manual selectable
    Wide Dynamic Range Digital: Built-in, low / mid low / middle / mid high / high selectable
    AGC (Automatic Gain Control) Off / low / mid low / middle / mid high / high selectable
    Electronic Sensitivity UP Built-in, On (Auto)/ Off selectable (Up to 32 times)
    White Balance ATW (Automatic Tracking White Balance) / AWC (Automatic White Balance Control) / manual selectable
    Detail Correction Built-in (Sharpness)
    Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Built-in, On/Off selectable (DNR function)
    AES Built-in
    Privacy Masking Built-in (Maximum 15 zones)
    Flip Inputs Built-in, Off / V-flip / H-flip / HV-flip selectable
    Motion Detection Built-in, On / Off selectable
    Digital Zoom Built-in, On / Off selectable (Up to 32 times)
    Focus EZ Built-in
    Stabilizer Built-in
    Monitor Output Selection CRT / LCD selectable
    Camera ID Up to 52 characters (Alphanumeric and symbols)
    Lens Mount CS mount (C mount adapter can be used)
    Flangeback Adjustment Mechanism Built-in
    Input / Output Connectors Video Out: BNC
    24 VAC / 12 VDC Input: 2P
    Power Requirement 24 VAC ±10%, 60 Hz / 12 VDC (10.5 to 15 VDC)
    Power Consumption 24 VAC Approximately 3 W
    12 VDC Approximately 3 W Power supply sold separately
    Operating Temperature 14 to 122°F (-10 to 50°C)
    Operating Humidity 30 to 90% RH (Non-condensing)
    Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Projection: 2.4 x 2.3 x 2.7" (6.0 x 5.8 x 7.0 cm)
    Weight Approximately 8.5 oz (240.0 g)
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.142 x 4.567 x 3.386"
  • IK-YV10X5HR4A-SA2L Day & Night HD Varifocal Lens (5.5 to 50mm)
    Mount CS
    Focal Length 5.5 to 50 mm (10x)
    Focus Manual
    Zoom Manual
    Iris Range F1.6 - T360 (equivalent to F360)
    Iris Auto (DC Type) When power is turned off, iris will automatically close.
    Back Focal Distance 7.50 mm (in air)
    Exit Pupil Position From Image Plane: -43 mm
    Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 1/3": Wide: 11.96 x 8.97" (304 × 228 mm)
    Tele: 2.12 x 1.61" (54 × 41 mm)
    1/4": Wide: 8.97 x 6.73" (228 × 171 mm)
    Tele: 1.61 x 1.22" (41 × 31 mm)
    Angular Field of View 1/3": Wide: 51.28° × 39.6°
    Tele: 5.5° × 4.11°
    1/4": Wide: 39.6° × 30.21°
    Tele: 4.11° × 3.1°
    Cable Type 9" (230 mm)
    Focusing Range From Front of the Lens: ∞ - 0.3 m
    Coil Resistance Drive Coil: 190 Ω
    Damping Coil: 500 Ω
    Current Consumption 23 mA (Max.) at DC 4V
    Weight 3 oz (85 g)
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.0 x 9.0 x 7.0"
  • PS-2420 Plug-in Transformer
    Input 120 V 60 Hz
    Output 24 VAC to 20 VA
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 3.8 x 2.9 x 2.3"


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