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MAGIX Entertainment Academic Suite Pro X

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User Manual for MAGIX Entertainment Academic Suite Pro X

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MAGIX Entertainment Academic Suite Pro X Contents of the user manual for the MAGIX Entertainment Academic Suite Pro X
  • Product category: Video Editing MAGIX Entertainment
  • Brand: MAGIX Entertainment
  • Description and content of package
  • Technical information and basic settings
  • Frequently asked questions – FAQ
  • Troubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what do I do if...)
  • Authorized service for MAGIX Entertainment Video Editing

User manual for the MAGIX Entertainment Academic Suite Pro X contain basic instructions that need to be followed during installation and operation. Before starting your appliance, the user manual should be read through carefully. Follow all the safety instructions and warnings, and be guided by the given recommendations. User manual is an integral part of any MAGIX Entertainment product, and if it is sold or transferred, they should be handed over jointly with the product. Following the instructions for use is an essential prerequisite for protecting health and property during use, as well as recognition of liability on the part of the manufacturer for possible defects should you make a warranty claim. Download an official MAGIX Entertainment user manual in which you will find instructions on how to install, use, maintain and service your product.

And do not forget – unsuitable use of a MAGIX Entertainment product will considerably shorten its lifespan!

Product description

MAGIX Academic Suite Pro X is a high-performance multimedia package for advanced productions in high-schools and colleges. It includes Video Pro X, Xara Designer Pro X, and Samplitude Music Studio, all Windows-compatible.

Video Pro X is a professional video editing software with comprehensive format support (including ProRes) and superior tools for image and audio editing, action cam and 360 footage, color correction, multicam editing, and more.

Xara Designer Pro X provides advanced tools for photo editing, graphic design, illustration, and web design in a single, clear interface. Create photo collages and graphics, and layouts for brochures and magazines or entire websites.

Samplitude Music Studio features a flexible interface and powerful tools for easily recording your own instruments and vocals and combining them with samples to enhance the mix. It includes 4 Vita Solo Instrument plug-ins for optimal integration into your arrangements. Note: The Academic Suite Pro X requires proof of student/teacher status at activation.
  • Xara Designer Pro X (Academic, Download) MAGIX Xara Designer Pro X provides useful tools for aspiring and professional users. With Xara Designer Pro X, you can design your own website, edit images, draw your own vector graphics, create flyers and business cards, and create a high-quality presentation that you can access online.

    Web Design

      No Programming
    • Create your own webpages without any previous coding experience. Customize easily using drag and drop. You will always preview the page as it will appear on the web.
      Over 200 Design Templates
    • Choose from over 200 website templates. These are license-free and fully pre-made with images and graphics. Each of the templates are fully customizable.
      Online Designer
    • Make changes to your website's text and images, even at the same time as others, on any device and from anywhere in the world.
      Create Mobile Websites
    • Create websites that are optimized for various display sizes. Just make a standard design that can then be used to define other versions for smaller or larger displays. This way, you can make websites that fit smartphones, tablets, and extra-large desktop monitors. All contents are automatically synced. The positioning and design of individual objects can be separately defined for each type of display. For displays with a higher pixel density, such as smartphones, high resolution versions of your images are automatically delivered.
      Parallax Scrolling
    • Parallax scrolling brings dynamics and depth to your website. Foreground and background optically separate from each other.
      Visitor Counters
    • You can now add a visitor counter to your page with just a few clicks, to keep an eye on how many users have visited your site.
      Full Screen Objects
    • Define your images as full screen to automatically expand to fill the visitor's browser.
      Fixed Elements
    • Easily prevent individual objects from moving when users scroll on your website. For example, you can fix the navigation bar so that it's always visible to visitors.
      Animation Trigger
    • Micro animations bring your website to life. For instance, draw attention to individual elements by animating them when they come into view on the screen.
      Panorama Websites
    • Stand out by making a horizontally scrollable site where you can display your image portfolio as a gallery or show your products in the form of a panorama website.
      Single-Page Websites
    • Combine several pages of your website into one with Xara Designer Pro X.
      Interactive Photo Gallery (Image Slider)
    • Display important content and images in an Image Slider. It's ideal for animated headers and banners. Xara Designer Pro X now includes a customizable HTML5-based photo gallery. Simply register with Xara Online and get started.
      Dynamic Effects
    • Turn your website into an interactive experience with animations. For example, you can create dynamic page transitions or make page contents fade in when clicked.
      Screen-Filling Backgrounds
    • Fill your website background with text and images. When you're working with large screens, in particular, it doesn't make sense to make all content full screen.
    • Add widgets like Facebook, Google Maps, YouTube, and Twitter.
      Optimized for High-Res Displays
    • On many high-resolution displays (such as Retina displays), standard websites can often appear blurry. Xara Designer Pro X allows you to deliver a high-resolution version of your webpage so that everything looks crisp and sharp.
      Over 600 Web Safe Fonts
    • In Xara Web Designer Pro X you can choose from over 600 additional fonts. Even unusual fonts are now correctly displayed in any browser. Thanks to the improved search function you can quickly find just the right font.
      GIF & Flash Animations
    • Transform your pictures and graphics into GIFs and Flash animations. Link objects such as vector graphics, fonts, or images in various stages using Keyframe. The program then calculates all intermediate images automatically.
      HD Video Player
    • Embed high-resolution videos in your website easily with drag & drop.
      Music Player
    • Integrate music in your homepage by simply dragging a music file onto your webpage.
      Web Statistics
    • Find out what your website visitors are interested in with Google Analytics. With this knowledge, you can improve your website and increase sales.
      Integrating Online Shops
    • Xara Web Designer Pro X makes it easy to integrate online shop systems into your website.
      E-Commerce (Widgets)
    • Use the extensions to help you sell products on PayPal, eBay, and Amazon.
      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Use the advanced search engine optimization options to make your website easier to find using search engines such as Google.
      Encrypted Upload
    • Thanks to SFTP and FTPS support, your website is protected against unwanted access during upload.
      Password Protection for Websites
    • When uploading via the Xara Online portal, you can now protect your entire domain with a password.
      Includes Website-M Hosting Package
    • When you purchase Xara Designer Pro X, you'll get the Website-M hosting package with 2,000MB of webspace and a domain for free.*

      *Includes a domain with one of the following endings: .com, .de, .net, .org, .at, .be, .biz, .ch,, .es, .eu, .fr, .info, .it, .name, .nl. After the contract is terminated, you may continue to use the domain(s) according to the applicable conditions (special offers are excluded). The offer is limited to a duration of 12 months and is renewed automatically if not terminated 8 weeks before the end of duration. Terms and conditions of The Xara Group Ltd. (available at apply. Payment is made at the time the contract is signed and upon extension of the 12-month contract.

    Image Editing

      Image Optimization
    • Make the most out of your photos by adjusting brightness, contrast, colors, and saturation instantly. Each aspect can be controlled with its own slider or use the 1-click optimization tool.
      Advanced Image Optimization
    • Using the brightness level dialog you can edit the gradient curve of your photos. By changing the way the values are distributed, you can customize the brightness and contrast or create special effects. You can also achieve a professional white balance by defining white, gray, and black points in your images.
      Restore Lights & Shadows
    • Difficult lighting conditions with high contrast between light and dark often give rise to dead areas in images. You can edit such overexposed and underexposed spots. This allows you to pull more detail out of extreme areas and increase the dynamic range of your photos.
      Blend Modes for Color Dodge & Color Burn
    • Enhance individual color ranges in your images. With the tool for color dodge and color burn, you can darken or lighten precise sections.
      Special Blend Modes
    • Simply create special effects such as textures and double exposures by offsetting two objects with special blend modes, such as Stained Glass, Soft light, Hard light, Luminosity, and Color.
      Intelligent Scaling & Zoom
    • Change the proportions of your photos (intelligent scaling) or change individual elements in an image (intelligent zoom) without distorting other important elements.
      Photo Retouching
    • Use the photo heal tool to remove spots and wrinkles from people's faces. Magic Erase helps you remove larger unwanted elements, such as street signs.
      Crop Image Elements
    • You can select and extract image areas with the help of colors (color select tool) by drawing selection lines or selection areas around certain sections. In just a few steps, you can take image elements out of context and reposition them.
      Morphing Effect
    • Using the "liquid color" filter, you can change the shape of people's bodies. You can make people look thinner or more muscular. Or you can even use this filter to make caricatures or apply artistic effects.
      Perspective Correction & Horizon Straightening
    • "Converging lines" often occur when taking photos of buildings using a wide-angle lens. Converging lines are in fact parallel lines that meet at a single point in the distance. Correct them with just one click.
      Magnetic Lasso
    • Clipping sections in an image is now quicker than ever before. Draw an outline using the mouse and the intelligent selection tool will automatically create a path.
      Photo Effects
    • Use the huge selection of creative effects to transform your photos into works of art. Simply drag the filter you want to use onto your image. Or select a specific section of the image for targeted editing to give it a unique look.
      Integrated Panorama Montage
    • With the photo tool in Xara Designer Pro X, you can combine several individual images to create panoramas, including automatic focal length detection and correction of lens distortion.
      Panorama Studio 2
    • In addition to professional editing and finishing, Panorama Studio 2 lets you create virtual tours by connecting several panoramas together. Export is possible in a wide range of image formats, so you can create screensavers, interactive 3D panoramas or zoom images for websites.
      RAW Support
    • In addition to all standard image file formats, Xara Designer Pro X supports the import of raw formats from over 590 camera models.
      Photoshop Plug-Ins
    • Xara Designer Pro X supports Adobe Photoshop plug-ins, which can be integrated and applied easily. You can use all the plug-ins on bitmaps and vector drawings as usual.
      Non-Destructive Editing
    • Your original photos remain unchanged, so you're free to let your imagination run wild. All changes can be undone at any time without affecting quality, even after rescaling images.

    Graphic Design

      Draw Vector Graphics
    • The powerful drawing tools allow you to draw lines, shapes, and curves exactly the way you want. Since images created in this way are made of vectors, they remain sharp to the tiniest detail and can be scaled without any loss to quality. The rendering engine is fast and is able to handle pages that feature complex graphics and drawings.
      Special Effects with Direct Action Tools
    • Using the direct action tools, you can intuitively create effects like transparency, edges, or gradients. Simply select the necessary tool and apply it to the graphic. You can see direct results, which means there's no need for any extra dialogs.
      Smart Shapes
    • For simplified graphic production, use smart shapes from the content catalog. These are intelligent shapes which can be easily edited with the help of special handles. You can easily adjust the position and alignment of a shape. If you change the text within a shape, the shape will automatically adjust to fit it.
      3D Tool
    • Using the integrated 3D tool, you can create three-dimensional objects in real time from text, graphics, and forms - includes true-to-life light reflections and shadow.
      Blend Tool
    • The blend tool lets you join two objects together. For example, you can simulate movement in images, create long shadows, or show one form developing into another.
      Vectorize Photos
    • Transform photos and logos into vector graphics with just a click using the powerful bitmap tracer. Scan in pencil drawings and transform them into graphics.
      Art Brush
    • Create unique fonts or digital paintings that look like they've been hand painted. Use the art brush to create customized graphics and vectors.
      Combine Shapes
    • Join simple forms like triangles, circles, and rectangles together to create complex graphics. To help you along, the program includes options for adding and subtracting shapes or cutting overlapping edges.
      Liquefying Vector Graphics
    • Customize your vectors by blowing them up, compressing, skewing, or blurring them.
      Linked Colors
    • Linked colors are variations on an output color. Usually saturation or brightness are modified to create color harmonies. The advantage of linking colors is that all variations are automatically adjusted when you make changes to the base color.
      Over 2,500 Graphic Elements
    • The program includes more than 2,500 graphic elements for free. You can adjust and enhance these in any way you want, so you'll always have decorative elements on hand.
      Support for Graphics Tablets
    • With Xara Designer Pro X, you can create professional drawings with a graphics tablet. It supports pressure-sensitive pens, which allows you to intuitively draw shapes with thick and thin lines.

    Desktop Publishing: Layout & Typography

      Professional Desktop Publishing
    • With Xara Designer Pro X, you can easily create multipage publications such as brochures, flyers, newspapers, and business cards.
      Magic Snap
    • Dynamic guide lines show you the corner points of existing objects when placing your content. You can magnetically dock items to these lines.
      Live Object Copies
    • Turn objects into repeating elements. This allows you to synchronize changes made to one of the live object copies with all your pages.
      Design Template Sets
    • Choose from a wide range of template sets for various industries. A set consists of templates for flyers, business cards, and stationery in the same design. This gives everything a cohesive look. Add personal flair by customizing any of the templates to suit your style. All the templates are royalty-free and can even be used without limit to design your own PR and marketing schemes. This is true regardless of how many copies you produce or in what time period you use them.
      Detailed Typography
    • Customize line height and line spacing, or let the text flow along shapes or run over several pages.
      Text Styles
    • Set up a specific format or use the text styles. These formats can then be easily applied to other text areas.
      More Fonts
    • Unique fonts help you stand out and make your products more recognizable. You have access to over 600 additional fonts from the Google fonts library for this purpose.
      Customized Bullet Points
    • Use your company logo or other graphics as bullet points.
      Flowing Text
    • You have the option of letting text automatically flow around elements and images.
      Spell Check
    • Xara Designer Pro X includes a powerful spell checker.
      PDF/X Support
    • Standardized PDF/X files ensure that your files are accurately sent to the print shop. Texts, images, and colors will then be printed exactly the way they looked on your computer.
      Format Support
    • Xara Designer Pro X supports all relevant standard formats, as well as file formats from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and other layout programs.
      Standardized Color Systems
    • Xara Designer Pro X gives you full access to professional color systems such as CMYK, HSV, and Pantone. This ensures that when printing, you'll get the exact colors you defined.


      Adding Videos
    • Integrate HD videos and use them directly in your presentations.
      Uniform Coloring
    • Simply find the color you want on the color palette and apply it to the graphics. They will then be displayed monochromatically in the selected hue. Alternatively, you could use the color temperature slider for more subtle color changes.
      Online Presentations
    • Create presentation websites with content that visitors can browse through at their leisure. Or password protect your web presentation in remote control mode and use the mouse or keyboard to control the most important steps.
  • Samplitude Music Studio - Music Production Software (Educational, Download) Samplitude Music Studio from MAGIX Entertainment is a desktop music production software that offers powerful and creative options to let you easily compose, record, mix, and master your songs, at home or in the studio. Use the recording template to quickly sketch your song ideas. Add rhythm from a choice of eight drum machines, program synthesizer parts or grand piano chords with 19 virtual instruments, play your own guitar riffs and bass lines, and record your vocals with pitch correction. The software allows you to record up to 16 mono tracks or 8 stereo tracks simultaneously at 24-bit/96 kHz resolution. For even more creative options, you can drag audio files into the Vita Sampler which automatically cuts and assign sounds to pads, allowing you to design your own instrument. Mix your song using the essential and vintage effects suites of EQ, dynamic, modulation, and delay plug-ins. Once your mix is completed, you can then perfect the overall sound of your music with the Auto Mastering effect, and prepare your files for export in all standard formats. Most virtual instruments and important record functions in Samplitude Music Studio can be operated wirelessly via the free MAGIX Audio Remote app for iOS and Android (available separately). Note: This product is an educational discounted version available to qualified students, faculty/staff, and accredited academic institutions only. Proof of current educational status is required.
      • Multitrack recordings at 24-bit/96 kHz resolution, on up to 16 mono tracks or 8 stereo tracks simultaneously
      • Recording templates lets you sketch out your ideas fast
      • Tune string instruments with integrated tuner – for guitar, bass, ukulele, and more
      • Accompaniment for keyboard and guitar – create your own melodies at the piano or on the guitar and choose from thousands of premade sounds and drum grooves to enhance your recording
      Software Instruments
      • Vita Sampler – drag audio files into the sampler, cuts & pad assignments are made automatically
      • Drum Engine – provides bright drum sounds for electronic beat productions
      • Concert Grand – the sound of one of the most popular concert pianos
      • Revolta Synthesizer – synthesizer with wide range of filter and oscillator effects, plus integrated step sequencer
      • DN-e1 Synthesizer – synthetic bass, oscillating leads, and shimmering pads
      • Lead Synth – synthesizer based on the sound of analog classics
      • Cinematic Soundscapes – create epic movie scores with exotic sounds or traditional instruments from times long past
      • Church Organ – for soulful ballads, epic background music or melodic dance tracks
      • Choir – combines three different kinds of choir – female, male, and mixed voices
      • Pop Drums – basic beats for electronic music, calm chillout songs, and relaxed hip-hop
      • Jazz Drums – helps you recreate the groovy swing of a smoky jazz club
      • Folk Instruments – banjo, piano, percussion, folk bass
      • Accordion – authentic accordion sound for adding folky dynamics or a French touch to your composition
      • Cinematic Synth – combines dark dreamy sequences with grating basslines, cinematic keys, bells, effects, percussion elements, and the film-like Atmos effect
      • Rock Drums – intuitive controls and realistic samples help you create unique rhythms
      • Soundtrack Percussion – choose from a wide range of cinematic percussion sounds
      • BeatBox 2 – lets you modify sounds for drum kits, load your own audio files and integrate them in the beat section
      • Robota – four-part drum computer for generating sounds using samples and oscillators
      • Loop Designer – lets you develop your own drum loops and bass lines with rhythm adjustments, a variety of filters, and reverse/random functions
      Edit Music
      • Vocal Tune 2 – corrects out-of-tune notes
      • Pitch shifting – easily adjust the pitch of samples or audio files without affecting playback speed
      • Time stretching – adjust the playback speed of your audio material without affecting the pitch, with the zplane algorithm
      • Cross-Fade editor – design your own transitions between different audio files
      • Display & print notation – display the notation for your compositions, arrangements or basic chord progressions in the MIDI Editor, and print them as needed
      • Group all the objects in a track or in several different tracks, and move them together, edit them or add effects
      • Aux busses & submix busses – allow you to do professional audio editing work with a wide range of effects or compression, on separate tracks
      Mix with Effects
      • Track effects – manipulate sound on an individual track with the 6-band equalizer and use settings such as bass killer, super woofer and boosts, for high and midrange frequencies
      • Object effects – modify the sound of individual song components without adding effects to entire tracks, or by working with complex automations
      • essentialFX suite – compressor, chorus, flanger, stereo delay, vocal strip, phaser
      • Vintage effects – gives your songs a distinct vintage sound
      • Vandal SE – recreates the sound of analog amplifiers while also offering completely unique sounds
      • Orange vocoder ME – lets you navigate a world of experimental sound, from classic robot sounds to crazy harmonies
      • Mastering Suite – includes StereoFX module, multiband compressor, 6-band equalizer, limiter, and MultiMax compressor
      • Auto Mastering – analyses your audio material and finds the perfect sound settings for your song
      • Visual sound analysis – includes a vectorscope, spectroscope, and spectrogram
      • Direction meter – shows what your audio looks like in the stereo field
      • Peak meter – displays the peak level for your audio and helps identify clipping
      MAGIX Audio Remote
      • Control Samplitude Music Studio on your computer from your smartphone or tablet
      • Operate virtual instruments and the most important record functions with the free MAGIX Audio Remote app for iOS and Android (available separately)
      Advanced Functions
      • 64-bit and multicore support – allows you to use your system's processor and memory to their full potential, ideal when using RAM-intensive plug-ins or working with large, complex projects
      • Internal Hybrid Audio Engine – provides optimal latency management during recording and playback
      • MIDI editor – choose between piano roll, score or drum editor views
In the Box Bundle Items Video Pro X (Academic, Download) dzuqtsrtuwrdsvwzrcbvuawreduq Xara Designer Pro X (Academic, Download) Samplitude Music Studio - Music Production Software (Educational, Download) Table of Contents

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Technical parameters

  • Xara Designer Pro X (Academic, Download)
    Delivery Method Download
    Version Educational
    Supported Operating Systems Windows Vista
    Windows 7
    Windows 8
    Windows 10
    Memory Requirement 512 MB
    Storage Requirement 300 MB
    CPU Requirement 700 MHz and Faster
    Display Resolution Requirement 1280 x 600
    Internet Connection Required Yes
  • Samplitude Music Studio - Music Production Software (Educational, Download)
    System Requirements Windows 7, 8, 10
    2 GHz or higher processor
    2 GB RAM (32-bit), 4 GB RAM (64-bit)
    1280 x 768 minimum resolution
    On-board sound card
    10 GB free drive space for program installation

    Internet connection required for registering and validating the program
    Supported File Formats Audio Import: MIDI standard formats (MID, GM, GS, XG), WAV, WAV with codec, AAC, MP3, CDA, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, FLAC

    Audio Export: MIDI standard formats (MID), WAV with Codec, MP3, CDA, OGG Vorbis, AIFF, FLAC
    Supported Plug-In Formats VST3, VST2
    Interfaces ReWire, ASIO, MTC, MC


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