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User manual
Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera

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User Manual for Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera

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Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera Contents of the user manual for the Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera
  • Product category: Point & Shoot Cameras Polaroid
  • Brand: Polaroid
  • Description and content of package
  • Technical information and basic settings
  • Frequently asked questions – FAQ
  • Troubleshooting (does not switch on, does not respond, error message, what do I do if...)
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Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera
User manual for the Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera contain basic instructions that need to be followed during installation and operation. Before starting your appliance, the user manual should be read through carefully. Follow all the safety instructions and warnings, and be guided by the given recommendations. User manual is an integral part of any Polaroid product, and if it is sold or transferred, they should be handed over jointly with the product. Following the instructions for use is an essential prerequisite for protecting health and property during use, as well as recognition of liability on the part of the manufacturer for possible defects should you make a warranty claim. Download an official Polaroid user manual in which you will find instructions on how to install, use, maintain and service your product.

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Product description

A compact and durable point-and-shoot, the red iS048 Digital Camera from Polaroid features a 16MP image sensor along with a tough construction that renders it water, dust, shock, and freezeproof. The image sensor allows you to shoot high-resolution stills as well as HD 720p video, and an integrated 2.4" LCD monitor is used for image review and composition. The fixed lens utilizes 4x digital zoom to cover wide-angle to short telephoto perspectives, and digital anti-shake image stabilization also helps to minimize the appearance of camera shake for sharper handheld shooting. A built-in flash provides additional illumination when working in low-light conditions and the camera runs on two AAA batteries.
    • 16MP image sensor is used for recording both still photos and HD 720p video
    • Fixed lens employs 4x digital zoom to cover wide-angle to short telephoto perspectives
    • Anti-shake image stabilization minimizes the appearance of camera shake
    • Durable construction renders this camera waterproof to depths up to 10', as well as resistant to drops, freezing temperatures, and dust
    • 2.4" rear LCD monitor for composing and reviewing images
    • Uses two AAA batteries as its power source
    • Built-in flash for additional illumination
UPC: 681066199039 In the Box Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera (Red)
  • USB Cable
  • Software CD-ROM
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Table of Contents

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    Technical parameters

    Polaroid iS048 Specs

    Pixels 16 Megapixel
    File Formats Still Images: JPEG
    Max Resolution 4608 x 3456
    Aspect Ratio 4:3
    Image Stabilization Digital
    Zoom Digital: 4x
    Shooting Modes Auto
    White Balance Auto
    Flash Modes Auto
    Built-In Flash Yes
    Memory Card Type microSD
    Video Recording Yes
    Resolution 1280 x 720p
    Screen 2.4" LCD
    Connectivity USB 2.0
    Software System Requirements
    Mac: OS X 10.5 or Later
    Waterproofing 10.0' / 3.0 m
    Battery 2 x AAA Batteries
    Package Weight 0.43 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.0 x 7.5 x 1.8"


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    Subject: iSO 048 New post
    Date: 17.05.2022 00:45:41Name: Stuart Workman
    Thumbs way down.
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    Subject: iSO 048 New post
    Date: 17.05.2022 00:43:34Name: Stuart Workman
    Like a comment is stuck on the welcome screen. Cheap piece of crap.
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    Subject: Aid to its users New post
    Date: 13.05.2022 19:14:26Name: Tina K.
    I am reading these messages, and I wonder if I should've even bought this camera. Wow, even before covid and Polaroid cannot help.
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    Subject: Serious question
    Date: 10.05.2022 20:07:34Name: Marc Marcus
    The message I was recently sent gave me absolutely NO answer to my previous question. I would assume that Polaroid (or whomever is controlling this site) doesn't give half a damn about resolving issues so you can be sure I WILL NOT buy anything Polaroid again!
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    Subject: Serious question
    Date: 10.05.2022 04:59:58Name: Marc Marcus
    All I want is to get a copy of the full camera manual for my Polaroid ISO49 (NOT a '48' model) camera instead of the very incomplete "Quick Start Guide" so how can I ACTUALLY get one?? The online sites are of NO help whatsoever......I'm starting to regret buying this camera! And what's with the USB port being in the battery compartment?? in order to use it, you must open the compartment door which allows the batteries to fall out, rendering the camera inoperable. Any suggestions or is that just how it goes??
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    Subject: OPERATION
    Date: 02.05.2022 01:04:31Name: ROBERT A CALDWELL
    I've followed all the installation
    instructions. When I turn it on, all I get is "WELCOME" what do I do next?
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    Subject: Pictures will not delete
    Date: 30.04.2022 17:25:33Name: Carolyn Colins
    The camera will not delete pictures
    I’ve read the manual & done what it says but the pictures will not delete
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    Subject: Qui
    Date: 14.04.2022 04:44:15Name: Kathryn Mecklenburg
    How do you get the battery latch open? Door is unlocked and will not slide.
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    Subject: Camera stuck on "Welcome" screen
    Date: 12.04.2022 10:12:14Name: Carmen
    I called tech support today, as I am having the SAME problem. They said this camera only works with a 32 Gig memory
    card. This is not explained in the instructions. Disappointed because my daughter needs the camera first thing in the morning for Science camp.
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    Subject: MSDC
    Date: 06.04.2022 04:14:14Name: Carol Tolles
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    Subject: polaroid iso49
    Date: 02.04.2022 00:15:23Name: Louis Casale
    cant get it open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Subject: polaroid iso49
    Date: 02.04.2022 00:14:02Name: Louis Casale
    how do I open the dam thing too put batteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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    Subject: Camara Polaroid ISO49
    Date: 16.03.2022 19:58:59Name: Benjamin Mazariegos Escobar
    Buenas Tardes

    me pueden enviar el manual o instructivo de uso de esta camara en pdf ya que viene uno con la camara digital pero viene en ingles.

    pregunto por que la camara se apaga cuando esta en funcion?

    cuanto tiempo se debe recargar las pilas ?

    saludos y en espera de respuesta
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    Subject: Stuck on Welcome screen
    Date: 18.02.2022 19:31:44Name: Adrielle
    Will not respond to any buttons, can't take photos... Please advise.
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    Subject: Me too!
    Date: 18.02.2022 19:30:50Name: Adrielle
    Same problem- any ideas?
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    Subject: User manual
    Date: 13.02.2022 02:43:24Name: Lucien Tremblay
    Can you email me the user manual of the Polaroid iS 048?
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    Subject: Question
    Date: 27.01.2022 21:59:21Name: Thomas Rodgerson
    How can I get a Owner's Manual for a Polaroid iso48 digital Camera?
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    Subject: Reply to Ann Arnett
    Date: 26.01.2022 05:10:45Name: Joe
    Just remove the micro sd card and insert into slot on laptop or desktop computer with an adapter.
    The door just needs a firm push.
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    Subject: transfer photos to laptop
    Date: 12.01.2022 03:15:13Name: ann arnett
    Were is application to transfer photos to laptop. Do I need to install application?
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    Subject: Card error
    Date: 07.01.2022 20:36:23Name: Cindy
    I have a brand new camera and brand new micro memory card. The camera states card error. I have tried the card in other devices and it works.
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    Subject: Polaroid iS048
    Date: 29.12.2021 00:39:41Name: Beverly S. Cregger
    I can not open the door to put batteries in.
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    Subject: user manuel
    Date: 28.12.2021 23:32:31Name: Susan Griffith
    I need a users manual. Have watched some utube for transferring pics but does not work.
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    Subject: CD
    Date: 18.12.2021 05:23:35Name: Donna Winfrey
    I did not get a manual or cd. I found a pdf of the manual, but how do I get the cd?
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    Subject: User Manual and Macro Setting
    Date: 07.10.2021 07:11:08Name: Tom Kipphorn
    See the user manual PDF for the Polaroid iS048 Camera, but not for the iS049. Are they basically the same camera? Is there a Macro setting for the iS049 camera?
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    Subject: How do I get back to the set-up page on the camera?
    Date: 31.08.2021 23:15:06Name: Kathy
    I didn't know which buttons to press, so I didn't get the date or time set up right and I need to reset the sharing setting.
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    Subject: polaroid iSO49 users manual
    Date: 22.08.2021 19:04:12Name: cindy
    I am unable to find a users manual for polaroid iSO49 teal. Please forward one to my email.
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    Subject: Formatting sd card
    Date: 15.08.2021 05:46:37Name: Deborah Mitchell
    How do I format my ad card b4 using my camera?
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    Subject: it says MSDC
    Date: 28.07.2021 19:38:27Name: Haileigh Mitchell
    it says Polaroid and the it shows a blue screen and then says MSDC what do I do I also have the memories card in it
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    Subject: User manual for Polaroid ISO48
    Date: 24.06.2021 01:18:34Name: Pitzi
    Please provide a link to get a users manual or an actual users manual, thanks.
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    Subject: Screen Frozen
    Date: 08.06.2021 16:46:54Name: Russell Pintado
    Just bought camera, inserted SD Memory card and batteries. Turned on, WELCOME screen appears, but that is as far as it will go. Unable to navigate thru any modes or any other function. Please help.
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    Subject: need users manuel
    Date: 03.06.2021 16:04:19Name: Barbara
    where can i get the link to print a users manuel.
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    Subject: delete key
    Date: 20.05.2021 11:20:53Name: sue ward
    where is the delete key on my camera water proof polaroid ??
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    Date: 16.05.2021 21:04:24Name: WILLIAM STOKES
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    Subject: Manual
    Date: 27.04.2021 19:25:16Name: Ashley
    Mine came with a manual and I think the camera works perfectly
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    Subject: I lost my user manual for iS048 camera.....can you have me print one?
    Date: 27.04.2021 01:30:46Name: ralph sheffler
    I really want to use this camera....why can't you send me one or can I speak with a tech?????
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    Subject: iso49 manual needed ASAP
    Date: 22.04.2021 16:43:44Name: Debra Bagby
    Please email me the ISO48 manual
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    Subject: I lost my user manual for iS048 camera.....can you have me print one?
    Date: 19.04.2021 10:12:58Name: ralph sheffler
    I lost my user manual for iS048 camera.....can you have me print one?
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    Subject: Polaroid iS048 Wont pass welcome
    Date: 17.04.2021 01:48:05Name: Holli Atyeo
    My camera will not pass welcome when I turn it on what to do
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    Subject: macro setting
    Date: 21.03.2021 03:02:07Name: matthew moon
    no macro setting?
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    Subject: How do I find a copy of the users manual?!
    Date: 14.03.2021 00:50:00Name: Beverly Hartstone
    I want to print out a copy of the users manuel for the polaroid iSO48 digital camera. There was just a little sheet with it and I don't know where that is and it didn't have much info on it anyway.
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    Subject: Camera sound?
    Date: 06.03.2021 16:26:12Name: Erin Flory Robertson
    Does this camera include a speaker? We don’t hear any sound with the videos!
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    Subject: water proof iso 48
    Date: 04.03.2021 23:38:56Name: Yamilka Archilla
    After putting batteries and sd card in . i turn it on and it stays on the welcome page , followed a few min later by it shutting off ... how do i get started ?
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    Subject: User Manual
    Date: 25.02.2021 00:29:35Name: John Stone
    They sell this shit with no user's manual ? If I don't get a users manual I WILL NEVER BUY A POLAROID product ever again !!!
    Post reply

    Subject: Polaroid IS048
    Date: 06.02.2021 03:05:00Name: Abigail
    On my videos that I’ve taken in the past I cannot hear them when I want to replay them. How do I get sound to my videos?
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    Subject: Your Polaroid is048 Camera
    Date: 04.02.2021 18:14:17Name: ken garside
    Like to read up on the is048 camera to delete pictures Why DO YOU SELL a camera if YOU do not have a MANUAL for ???????.
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    Subject: Charging
    Date: 02.02.2021 19:34:22Name: Andrew Flores
    How do you charge this camera.I have to keep on changing the batteries every 5 minutes. Do you need a cable, wire??? If so please let me know!
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    Subject: I get "card error"
    Date: 25.01.2021 21:11:09Name: DARLENE sheehy
    Why do I get Card error. can i get a manual
    Post reply

    Subject: Won't turn on past welcome screen
    Date: 23.01.2021 14:08:52Name: TJL
    Powers up to welcome screen on battery power, powers up to MSDC screen using USB to Win 7.
    No buttons work. Didn't come with manual. Search for manual brought me here to dead manual tabs. This purchase is not worth it.
    Post reply

    Subject: getting past "welcome"
    Date: 22.01.2021 19:35:48Name: Lynette Szerlag
    When camera is turned on, the nessage says welcome
    I am unable to go further. Nothing happens when mode or menu buttons are pressed.
    Post reply

    Subject: User manual
    Date: 13.01.2021 20:16:09Name: Phillip Kubacki
    I need to download the user manual
    Post reply

    Subject: Polaroid iso48 manual
    Date: 19.12.2020 20:46:25Name: J bonham
    How do I get the manual for this camera?
    Post reply

    Subject: manual
    Date: 17.11.2020 03:57:35Name: Robert John Gawrys
    wheres the manual
    Post reply

    Subject: manual
    Date: 17.11.2020 03:55:41Name: Robert John Gawrys
    How the heck do i get a manual iso48
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    Name: Stuart Workman
    Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera
    Thumbs way down. ...
    iSO 048
    Name: Stuart Workman
    Polaroid iS048 Digital Camera
    Like a comment is stuck on the welcome screen. Cheap piece of crap....
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