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User manual
taulman3D 2.85mm PCTPE Filament

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User Manual for taulman3D 2.85mm PCTPE Filament

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taulman3D 2.85mm PCTPE Filament Contents of the user manual for the taulman3D 2.85mm PCTPE Filament
  • Product category: All 3D Printer Filament/Cartridges taulman3D
  • Brand: taulman3D
  • Description and content of package
  • Technical information and basic settings
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Product description

Short for "Plasticized Copolyamide Thermoplastic Elastomer," the clear 2.85mm PCTPE Filament from taulman3D allows users to print highly flexible parts with the added durability of nylon polymers. This combination of polymers was developed to allow those who use Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printers to print parts from durable prostheses to complete and wearable cosplay outfits, as well as cell phone enclosures and flexible utility/industrial parts. The flexibility of PCTPE means that the end parts will have the smooth texture of nylon and the flexibility offered by a rubber such as TPE, yet retain high levels of durability and other non-delaminating benefits.

General Features

    Print Temperature
  • This filament can print at temperatures ranging from 455 to 468°F.
    Low Shrinkage
  • Prints on glass with a 50% water/PVA glaze heated to 104°
    Dye Absorption
  • Takes on acid-based color dyes (RITT) quickly, in about 5 minutes @ 140°F.

Development Goals

  • taulman3D has added a "draw" process to the manufacturing of this filament, which stretches the material during the final production stage. This is similar to a process used to make large nylon ropes for cruise ship docking maintenance. This added stretch increases the tensile properties of the raw line such that the tendency to fold or buckle is virtually eliminated. This additional process has allowed taulman3D to increase the percentage of TPE, resulting in a material that gives the user a wide range of design flexibility based mostly on the nozzle size, number of perimeters, and percentage of internal fill used during slicing. From thin parts that wad up like thin paper to thicker shoe soles with just the right flexibility, PCTPE is a user-friendly material meeting a long list of requirements.
    Super Layer-to-Layer Bonding
  • PCTPE helps ensure that you do not need to use an enclosure just to get excellent layer bonding of parts from 3.93 to 39.3". With PCTPE, the layer bonding will allow you to print single perimeter walls that bend or fold along the printed axis without delamination or separation.
    Wearable Texture
  • As nylon is known to be a comfortable material to the touch, taulman3D made sure that the 3D-printed texture of PCTPE was smooth to the touch. This texture is key to making wearable objects that flow with body movements. In addition to the texture, the flexibility of PCTPE is more accommodating for complex wearable designs.


    Surface Texture
  • Excellent
    Living Hinge
  • Very good
    Use of Taps for Threads
  • Excellent
    CNC Finish Tooling
  • Any
    CNC Coolant
  • Forced air only
    Use in 3D Forging
  • Good
    Printed Prostheses
  • Excellent
    Robotic Assemblies
  • Excellent
    Jewelry Printing
  • N/A
  • None
    Lenticulated Overlays
  • N/A
    Dye Type
  • Acid-based
    Dye Uptake (Saturation)
  • Excellent
UPC: 817752016490 In the Box taulman3D 2.85mm PCTPE Filament (Clear, .5kg, 490')
  • Limited 30-Day Warranty
  • Table of Contents

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    Technical parameters

    taulman3D RM-NY0010 Specs

    Printing Temperature 455 to 468°F / 235 to 242°C
    Melting Temperature 397°F / 203°C
    Tg Glass Transition 165°F / 74°C
    Pyrolysis - Thermal Degradation 594°F / 312°C
    Non-Destructive Evaluation No
    Print Bed Temperature 122°F / 50°C
    Ambient Temperature (Enclosure) None
    Tensile Stress 5046 psi
    Ultimate Elongation 497.6%
    Modulus 10,594 psi
    Opacity 0%
    Reflectivity None
    Color Clear
    UL 94 HB Yes
    UL 94 V2 Yes (at 0.1" / 1.5 mm thickness)
    Nominal Diameter 2.85 mm
    Weight / Spool 1.0 lb / 0.5 kg
    Nominal Length / Spool 490' / 149 m
    Shrinkage 0.0061" / 0.0155 cm
    Solvent/Glue ComPlete
    Package Weight 1.55 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.2 x 5.8 x 3.3"


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